18 year old Maya faces the death of her Nanna, the most important person in her life. New love interest Nathan brings back a spark into Maya's life. She quickly falls in love with him; They both make promises but who will be the one to break theirs? Read on to find out how Maya deals with the challeneges thrown at her.


7. How I Met Your Mother

Chapter 7

I looked my mother in the eyes with feelings that even hatred can’t describe. It was so much more than that. I knew I did the wrong thing kissing someone else. I had the chance to make it right and I wasn’t going to waste it.

‘What are you doing here?’ I muttered between my teeth.

‘I only came to tell Nathan what his girlfriend was really like. He… Deserved to know. It’s not fun being in an unfaithful relationship.’ She raised her head and stared into my pupils with her devilish eyes. So many years of hiding, sorrow and grief over the ‘loss’ of my mother were biting the tip of my tongue. I had so much to say.

SLAP. My arm had swung across the dirty cheeks of my mum’s face. She stood clutching her face, whimpering. She had obviously not expected this; I stood back slightly and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I rummaged through Nathan’s fridge to find a wine bottle from a few nights prior. I poured myself a glass and sipped on, all while glaring at the witch before me.

‘You don’t have much to say now, huh? Huh?!’ she slowly took her seat at the kitchen table.

‘You see, I completely understand your opinion on being faithful in relationships. Is that why you left me on my own for 16 years? In fact, you didn’t even have a backup plan for me, did you? If it wasn’t for Nanna who stepped into the role of my mother, what would have happened to me? Would you have miraculously returned to save the day?’ I shouted.

My mum bitterly listened. She knew it was all true, but being her presumably stubborn self, she needed to hear more.

‘Isn’t it ironic how you come back now? What is your motive? I bet you thought I could just be ever so grateful that my druggie of a mother happened to stumble back into my life. You thought that you could ruin everything I have worked so hard for. Was that your plan, huh?’

‘You never worked hard for any of this, you liar!’ She screamed. She began throwing her arms around and frantically stomping on the ground with her bare feet. Her damaged, dry hair was messy and now she resembled a lioness who had lost her cubs.

Suddenly, she stopped. Her eyes went crazy. They wandered over to the counter top, where Nathan had his knife rack. Guessing straight away what she wanted to do, I jumped for the counter; She did the same. It was a violent struggle; She had forced her palms around the handle of a sharp, silver knife and was attempting to pierce through my stomach. I was using all my strength to push her off me but despite her weak and fragile frame, she was unexpectedly powerful.

Just when I thought that she had won over, and it was the end, and that I’d be murdered by my crazy, drug-dependent mother, someone charged towards us. At that moment, I felt a sharp ridge slit deeply into my belly. The sting was the worst of it all. I blacked out.


My eyelids were so heavy. All around me, everything was a bleached white or sickly blue. After a long struggle, I was finally able to open my eyes fully. I was in a familiar hospital room; Ward 62, where they had taken Nanna before she was officially announced dead. They even had the same painting in the corridor outside, where I could get a glimpse of a few nurses walking around. I struggled to sit myself up again.

‘Woah, woah, woah, take it easy… The medication you’re on is relaxing all your muscles. You won’t be able to fully support your own weight for a few more days.’ Whoever was speaking sounded so sweet. I managed to turn my head to the side to see Sophie. She was resting on a chair in the corner of the room.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked. I didn’t want Nathan to walk in and suddenly see me with the same girl who had ruined my relationship.

‘I think you should go. Nathan could come here at any moment, I don’t want him to think there’s something happening between us.’ I said sternly. I lifted my gown up to see a huge bulge had appeared over my stomach; I assumed it was the bandages over my wound. I mean, it didn’t feel very big but after all, it hurt as if I had a bleeding whole directly above my pelvis.

‘Maya, I wanted to apologise. It was me who told your mum about our kiss.’ Sophie said, guiltily staring at the wall. I gasped.

‘Would you care to elaborate?! Our little ‘kiss’ got me stabbed!’ Sophie leaned back into her chair. She brushed her air out of her eyes and gave me along, tired sigh.

‘Maya… I met your mother when I lived up North. She had been the town druggie for a few months and I took pity on her. I was coming home from work and it was late at night. She was outside of a supermarket, bawling her eyes out. It was devastating; She was in such a bad state. I took her home, cleaned her up a little and gave her a meal to eat.’

‘Your mum told me all about you. She said how she regretted leaving you. This was around the time that your grandmother had passed away. I agreed to take your mum down here as soon as I had a few days off work. And so when I did, we drove here and this was the day of the funeral.’

Everything began to slowly fall into place; Why she had suddenly returned.

‘It’s upsetting watching someone who speaks about her daughter so passionately be treated like that. It was unfair how you treated her, she didn’t deserve it. Your mother wasn’t ready for a child; She left you in good hands, Maya!’

I couldn’t believe what this girl was saying. I leaned forward until our faces were mere inches apart.

‘My mother left her two-year-old daughter alone in a crib and then set her home on fire. That is not what I’d call leaving me in the safe hands of my grandmother.’

She was shocked. Her mouth open, chest heavily rising and eyes widening.

‘But please, carry on explaining, I’d love to hear about how much I should regret hating my mother.’ I said sarcastically. Sophie’s eyes became drained of all life as she resumed her previously (almost) confident self. It was satisfying to know that she had understood that my mum was not a good person.

‘When we kissed, I had to go tell your m-mum all about i-it. Uhm, she told me that you had a boyfriend. Sh-she was angry about what had taken place at the funeral so as a w-way to get back at you, she told Nathan. I’m s-sorry, Maya, I didn’t know it’d end this way. I didn’t know that she was c-capable of stabbing people.’

I scoffed. This sorry apology wasn’t nearly enough, but I had more important things to discuss.

‘I need to talk to Jade, or A-Anaia, or Nathan. I need you to get them all for me, and then I need you to leave.’ I didn’t want to be around her anymore.


Anaia was crouched over me the next day. I hadn’t heard from Sophie, but I wasn’t complaining about that. Jade was in the process of convincing Nathan to come and see me, because according to him, ‘As long as she’s okay, we can wait until later to talk.’ Yes, it did upset me. Despite not being on good terms, I thought a stabbing wound would be convincing enough.

‘I spoke to the Police. Your mum is under arrest for attempted murder. Now I know that’s interesting, but listen to this,’ Anaia crept in even closer, and whispered something into my ear.

‘When your mum stabbed you, you lost a lot more than blood. Maya, you were seven weeks pregnant.’

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