18 year old Maya faces the death of her Nanna, the most important person in her life. New love interest Nathan brings back a spark into Maya's life. She quickly falls in love with him; They both make promises but who will be the one to break theirs? Read on to find out how Maya deals with the challeneges thrown at her.


10. Gave My Everything


Chapter  10

The sun had just crept in through the holes between our curtains and cast shadows over the room. I twisted over sideways to take a peek at Nathan. Instead, I found an empty half of the bed and the covers pulled back. I sighed, and was steadily hoisting myself up when a cloud of heavy, thick fog drifted into my room. The fire alarm went off and its piercing screams echoed between my ear drums. I threw my hands over my ears and ran downstairs, looking for the source of the smoke.

Hurriedly, I rushed into the kitchen where I could just about make out Nathan, coughing up his lungs and repeatedly opening and closing the oven doors. When he caught sight of me, he quickly straightened up and shouted, ‘Sorry!’ The alarm sounded off and the screeching faded away.

‘I tried making those little cup-cake things, but I think I left them in for too long...’ Nathan said, trying to catch his breath.

He turned away for a second and almost immediately spun back around.

‘Maya, I’m sorry for acting a bit weird last night. I know that I was rude and all but I don’t like talking about my dad. M, I really do apologise...’ He whispered. He took me by my hands and pulled me in for a hug. I put on a joke frown, but when he embraced me, and I could rest my head in his chest, I smiled to myself.


Have you ever felt a connection so much deeper than it just being physical? I sit here looking at the man I have fallen in love with, wondering how the hell I’m lucky enough to be the girl he’s with. When we hug and I hear his heartbeat pounding through his chest, it makes me feel so at peace. There’s something stronger than magnetic fields pulling us together. I love that.


‘Okay, so we can either go to Buffeau’s or Armando’s Italian tonight. Which do you like better?’ I questioned, flicking through a restaurant pamphlet. We were planning our first ever date night out- believe it or not, we were never the type of couple to actually go out in public for dates; it was always Netflix with Chinese takeaway or a marathon of Spanish telenovelas. Tonight, we were planning to get into some fancier outfits and go to a posh place to eat- Simply because it was hilarious acting like you weren’t from just an ordinary place, but instead a modern, expensive city.

‘I’m really craving Italian, maybe we should...’ I continued, mindlessly muttering random things under my breath. It was not until a few minutes later that I realised Nathan was staring at me from across the kitchen, a silly smile on his face.

‘What?’ I giggled.



‘You are just so cute,’ He sighed. ‘I can’t stop staring.’ I could feel my cheeks going a violent shade of red.

That evening, I slipped on a little black dress, my most expensive-looking diamond necklace and black pumps. I let my hair down and started on my makeup when Nathan wandered into the room, almost knocking over the laundry basket. He stared fixedly at me, his eyes running up and down my body. He bit his lips and then winked at me, then left the room. I stood in the middle of the room, mascara handle in one hand and the tube in the other, confused as to why he came in here in the first place. Nevertheless, I played some music and carried on getting ready.

Twenty minutes later, Nathan whizzed into the room. He stuck his tongue out and smiled, giving me a little spin. He looked so good when he felt confident; I think that’s a lesson learnt for everyone. Nathan was dressed in smart black trousers, a black suit and freshly-ironed white shirt. He grabbed my palm and pulled me out of the door, rushing me.

‘We’ve got a reservation at seven; we have twenty minutes to get through a thirty minute journey. Get in!’ He gave me a light push and encouraged me to get in the cab waiting outside of his house.


I don’t think I’d ever been in this part of the city before. You couldn’t get a glimpse of the sea even if you tried around here. The buildings were all made from light-coloured bricks and had tall, glass doors bolting them shut. The pavements were neatly laid and fairy lights traced the outskirts all around us. We pulled up outside a huge restaurant, and as Nathan opened the door for me to step out, my mouth dropped in awe. Every woman inside was wearing luxurious, high-end fashion. Each man was smartly dressed in a tuxedo. They were getting on with a friendly way of chatter, probably discussing something boring like how many thousands they’ve spent on babysitters or their most recent meeting with Prince Harry- you know, the usual.

Once inside, we took our place at a wooden table in the corner of the room. The lights were dimly lit and three candles stood in the centre of a mantelpiece beside us. The crackling flames from the fireplace emitted a warm air around us. We smirked at each other and picked up our menus, scanning for any dish not written in cursive Italian.

‘Now I feel like my two years of Italian were a waste of time.’ Muttered Nathan, grinning a little. A short woman with strikingly blonde hair approached our table.

‘May I take your orders?’ She asked, battering her eyelashes. Nathan gave his menu one last glance before saying, ‘I’ll have the beef lasagne.’

The woman scribbled something down on her notepad and then tuned to me.

‘Uh, just spaghetti Bolognese, please.’  She smiled and walked away, writing something down.


‘Yeah, but did you see the way she looked at you?’ I laughed drunkenly. Three glasses of champagne later, I could hardly stand up straight. Nathan was holding onto me and we walked down the pier together. He started humming along to an old song we used to like, and I joined in, until my phone buzzed and I opened a message from Anaia.



Hey! Jade and I just got to some club downtown. Please come here, it’ll be fun!

‘Anaia and Jade are at a club. They want me to go.’ I said, staring at the moon.

‘You know it’s not good to stare at the moon, M. I’ve told you that.’ Nathan whispered, moving in closer towards me.

‘Nathan, can I go? I know you’re tired but I want to stay out, okay?’ I moaned.

He nodded at me and took off. I stood at the edge of the pier for just a moment longer, inhaling the refreshing smell of the salty sea.


I arrived to the address Anaia had sent me- A brick building with metal doors and a muscled, bald man standing outside of the entrance. He looked at me, which made me a little uncomfortable. His thin lips parted to mouth the word ‘Go’. I didn’t look back. I pushed the doors open to find myself in a completely different place. Girls all around me were dressed in bright colours and dirty dancing with each other, guys drooling and goggling at them. Eurgh. The music was so loud that I could barely hear my own thoughts. Lazily, I searched the dance floor for any signs of Jade or Anaia. Soon enough, a crazy head of messy, black hair was being swung around. I trotted over to them, poking them and joining in with the dances.

‘Hey you guys!’ I shouted, trying my best to be heard over the music. I started shaking my hips in time to the beat, getting my sexiest moves going.

Suddenly, a pair of lost hands circled the small of my back and grabbed me by my waist. I spun around in fury.

‘Uhm, can I help you? Are you lost?’ I spat, pushing this creepy man away. He smirked and started walking towards me again, hands outstretched, and this time going for my breasts.

BAM. Without a moment of hesitation, my fist had met the guy’s jaw, knocking him out cold. Hey, small girls can be strong, too! I smiled to myself and continued dancing with the girls.

As the night had rolled into the early morning, we decided it was much too late to be out. I ordered a cab home and was beyond relieved to step inside. I realised Nathan left the lights in the front room on, so I dismissively tuned them off and crept up the stairs. I pushed open the bedroom door, took my shoes and dress off, and got in under the covers next to Nathan. I tried hugging his middle, only to realise it was surprisingly small.

‘What the...?’ I thought. Just then, the doors burst open with a loud bang, and Nathan ran in, alarmed. He was in nothing but his grey jogging bottoms. Furious, I tore back the covers to find thick legs, a small waist, pink lingerie, curves, a head of gorgeous, curly hair, someone sleeping peacefully... Sophie. 

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