Puppeteer - Ziall AU

To become a puppet is to rid oneself of the pain and harshness of choice. Now nothing you do is your fault, now you belong to something...

You belong to me...

(Contains violence and sexual scenes)


1. day 1

Okay, here's another trialled story. This one is more horror than anything else, but I wanted to give it a try.

Enjoy x

"Bring him to me..."

"Niall, are you still coming over today?" Liam asked happily

"Yes, of course" the younger laughed "I'm so excited to see your new place"

"Let's go then. We can stop at your house first" Liam offered "so you can get everything you need"

"That sounds good to me" he agreed

Niall got into Liam's black SUV, and turned turned on the radio while the older drove to the blond's house. He sat in the passenger seat, tapping his foot along to the unfamiliar tune.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" Liam asked

"I dunno, whatever you want to do"

"I got a new Xbox" he informed Niall "with some good games on there. I have heaps of movies too. And if you want, we can order take out"

"Sounds good to me"

They pulled up outside of Niall's house. Liam decided to stay in the car, and he went indoors to pack an overnight bag. Niall's parents weren't home yet, so he left them a note to tell them that he was staying with a friend tonight.

He packed in a change of clothes, his toothbrush, hairbrush, and some spare boxers. He also took some spare socks, and decided to bring with some crisps and a bottle of cola from the kitchen.

He got back into the car with Liam, and then we went to his friends house. It was a pretty average looking house, and when they went inside it didn't look much better.

Niall chose not to tell his best friend that his house was hideous both inside and out.

"I'm sorry for the mess" Liam mumbled "the whole place is getting redone"

"That's okay, it's quite nice" he lied

Liam ordered pizza at 8, and set up movies after they'd spent hours playing on the Xbox. They were watching The Crow which was Niall's favourite movie. But that was the whole point.

They ate dinner while watching, and Liam then got a trifle dessert from the fridge that he'd made himself. Niall had two huge helpings of the dessert that contained cream, raspberry jello, strawberries, sponge cake, and red grapes.

He began to feel woozy halfway through the movie and decided to sleep it off, choosing to use Liam's lap as a pillow.


When Niall woke, his head was aching.

Waking up in the complete dark felt odd to him. It was col, and it was so dark that he couldn't see anything, not even the silhouette of his own hands. There was no light present, and the floor beneath Niall's bare feet was damp.

"Liam?" He called

When he got no answer, He got off the creaky bed he'd been laying on. He placed his hand on the wall to guide himself to the door, finding the wall to be made of cement.

He soon felt steel, his hand closing around a long steel post. With his fingers he felt beside it, finding another. He ran his hands across the surface, finally realising that he was in a barred up cell.

"Liam?" Niall called louder, afraid

Light streamed through Niall's barred room, and throughout the rest of what he'd just discovered was a basement. Shrill and agonising screams echoed through the basement as others stumbled to hide from the harsh bright light.

Niall screamed in horror when he saw those around him. Some were dressed in strange clothes, others were naked and brutally scarred around each joint of their bodies. His vision blurred momentarily due to the ringing sounds of their screams

There was a silhouette of a man standing above them all at the top of a flight of rotted wooden stairs. After standing and admiring the hostages beneath him, he walked down the stairs with his feet thunking against the creaking staircase. Other than his eerie and slightly heavy breathing, he didn't make a sound.

He moved towards Niall's cell, making the frightened blond retreat to the opposite end of it, tripping over the uneven ground before he cowered into the concrete wall.

"L-Liam?" He squeaked out

He didn't get an answer, but closed his eyes with fright as he saw the man pull out keys. Niall heard the stranger begin to unlock the cell, the key screeching loudly against the rusted lock.

"Come here, puppet" the man cooed from the unlocked door of the cell

Niall hesitated before moving forward, deciding that doing as he was told was the smartest thing to do if he didn't want to end up like the mutilated people around him.

He moved forwards towards the stranger, shuddering in both fear and disgust when the man pressed a soft teasing kiss to his cold neck. Despite Niall's reaction, the man merely chuckled, pleased.

"So pretty..." He hummed into the blond's ear

"Who are you?" Niall whispered

"I'm your new master" he crooned "welcome home"

"Where's my friend, where's Liam?"

"Liam!" The man roared loudly, causing Niall to jump in fright.

Softer footsteps echoed through the basement, Liam's silhouette soon standing at the top of the stairs. Niall could feel Liam's brown eyes staring straight at him, and the gaze felt cold.

"Li?" He whimpered

The man in front of him raised his hands, creating a quick cutting motion in the air with his index and middle finger. Liam mimicked the movement with his hand that was holding onto a large kitchen knife

Niall watched in horror, both speechless and breathless as he watched his best friend slit open his throat without even flinching. Blood spilt down Liam's neck as he gagged on the blood that was filling his mouth too. Within seconds, Liam's lifeless and bleeding body fell tumbling down the stairs.

He fell beside Niall who was crying silently, tears streaming down his pale and dirty face.

"What did you do?" He sobbed, lashing out at the strange man who locked him down in the basement

The chain around his ankle pulled him back, making a loud clanging. Niall cried out in frustration, looking hatefully at the man in front of him

"I don't need him anymore" the man smiled "not when I have you"

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