Mettaton is hot, popular, and according to most people, flawless.

But he has a secret that might change that.

A secret that's not safe with anyone.

Or so he thinks.


9. Out

I have another dream tonight but this time, it's terrifying. It's about my cousin, the one that I bullied and left behind. In the dream, he dies.

And when I wake up, I pull my knees to my chest and start crying.

He was so sweet and the only one that accepted me.

I grab my phone and turn it on. The light illuminates my skin. My fingers are shaking as I slowly type his number.

Will he pick up? What if he hates me?

The phone starts ringing.

He hates me.

"H-Hello? I think you have the wrong number." It's him.

"Napstablook? I'm pretty sure I have the right number."

"Mettaton? Are you crying?"

"I- yes, I'm sorry it's so late but I need to talk to you."

"I wasn't asleep anyway."

"Okay, um, do you hate me?"

"W-What? No, I couldn't. I was upset but I don't hate you. You're my cousin."

"Okay. I, um- I don't know how to say this-"

"Just say it."

"I'm gay."

"Wow. Really?"

"Yeah." This comes out as a weepy whisper because now I'm crying. I'm crying because I'm lost and scared and confused.

"That-That's fine. I mean I don't really know what you can do..."

"What if they kick me out?"

"You can live with us. Um, in the meantime, are you still gonna hang out with those kids?"

"Yeah, I don't want anyone to find out but I won't bully you, you're all I've got."

"Okay. Do whatever you can to be safe."

"Thank you. Get some rest."

"I'll try. Goodnight."


I hang up and sigh.

I just came out.

Napstablook wouldn't tell anyone but I still came out. From here nothing's going to fix itself.

I can't fix myself.

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