What we had was great

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."


3. The note

Tessa’s POV

The treehouse has always been my secret hiding place. Not that I had reasons to hide. I just liked being on my own, peacefully and quiet. Some days were good, some were bad. But thats life, right? I’ve always wondered if somebody knew about the treehouse. My secret spot wasn’t so secret anymore.

Harry’s POV

After Tessa left, I couldn’t stop thinking about her puffy eyes. Had she been crying?For how long has she been in here? Without thinking I searched through my bagg for a pen and paper. I scribbled down:’ Dear Tessa, I would like to talk to you again. I will be back here next week. Same place, Same time. I hope to see you then. H’. I folded the note and placed it between two woodenboards hoping she would come back and read it.

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