What we had was great

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."


4. The meeting

Harry’s POV

Minutes, hours, days went by.. and I just couldn’t stop thinking about the note. Did she go back to the treehouse? What if she didn’t? And even if she did, would she’ve seen the note? Millions of questions were racing through my mind.  Something about this girl made me extremely curious. 

Right now I was in the middle of a meeting for our fourth album. Which songs were gonna make it? which cover were we gonna use? And when were we going to release it. Loads of questions and I couldn’t answer a single one of them. Niall seemed to notice, who was I kidding… all the boys noticed I was a little off today, but they didn’t really seem to care. Finally the meeting was over.. I was exhausted. I grabbed my things and decided to drive home. I walked to my car, silently humming one of our new songs. When I stepped into my car I noticed Niall running towards me.


Niall’s POV

Harry seemed a little of today so I decided to have a lil’ chat with him. I opened the door on the passengers side and stepped in the car. ‘Can you drop me off at my place? I drove here with Louis but he had to pick something up’. Harry just nodded and started the engine. ‘Are you alright mate? You seem a little off today?’. Harry said he was fine and shrugged it off. What followed was an extremly silent car ride to my place and with some radio music in the background we drove off.


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