What we had was great

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."


2. The fans

Being followed by fans, Harry knew that he had to find a way to escape. The only place he could think of was Hyde park. He ran through the park looking for a spot to hide. After several minutes of panicking he spotted a treehouse in the old oak tree. He made his way to the tree and climbed onto the branches. When he finally reached the treehouse he climbed through the hatch and hid himself till the fans were gone. It took Harry a while to realise that he wasn't alone in the treehouse. In the corner of the little treehouse sat a brown haired girl. It looked like she had been crying. Her eyes were red and puffy.

I simply decided to break the silence starting to introduce myself ''Hi I'm Harry''.

I know who you are she answered. You're on every poster in town. 'I'm Tessa, but I don't really think it matters' she said slowly getting up and ready to leave the treehouse.

Why is she leaving, did I scare her?

'why were you crying'I asked bluntly.

'You really don't wanna know, I think it's best if I go home'. ' Goodbye Harry'.

And with that being said she slowly grabbed her duffel-bag and made her way down.

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