Lost In The Shadows

I’m Brooklyn Addison. I prefer to be referred to by my middle name which my dad gave me: Malia. Brooklyn screams your typical stuck up, bubbly and full of life teenager but that was the old me...


18. Lost and Taken.

Chapter 18.


Malia always snored like a beast in the night, which caused me to wake up earlier than her mostly every time we slept in the same bed. I never told her because there was nothing she could do about it. Even when she snored, she looked beautiful in her sleep. ‘PINGGG’, my phone buzzed harshly causing Malia to wake up. “Hey, morning.” She mumbled.

“Morning, good sleep?” I asked, she nodded most probably still half asleep. I went to check my phone quickly.

BLOCKED NUMBER: If you want to know what really happened that night, come and meet me. ‘1657 Riverside Drive, Sacramento’ leave in twenty minutes. Come alone.’

As I looked up from my phone, Malia must’ve realised something was up because she was now wide awake and looking at me with a hell of confusion. “What’s wrong, babe?”

I sighed, if I told her what the text read, I would have to tell her everything. “I haven’t told anyone this before…”

Malia quickly put her hand on mine, “You can trust me, don’t worry.”

I took a deep breath, this was the biggest secret I had ever kept, I had held it in for years. Here we go… “Ten years ago, I came home from school to hear a gunshot in the living room. I didn’t think anyone was home and neither did my dad. I was eight-years-old, I walked into my living room to find my dad standing over a dead body. There was blood everywhere, on my dad’s hands, all over the walls and a pool of blood on the floor. A puddle of someone’s blood. I never knew who the dead man was but when my dad saw me standing in the door way, he whispered something that I still hear every night, ‘If you tell anyone what you saw, you will be next.’”

Malia’s hand was still on top of mine however it was now shaking. Her face dropped, it was more than I could handle let alone her little heart.


“I, uh. I don’t know what to say Mason, I’m so sorry. Did you ever tell anyone?” I asked, not knowing I was trembling. Mason suddenly got up, him telling me was bringing it all back for him. “I tried to, I did. I confronted my dad a few years later; it drove me crazy. All I could see was that man, in my dreams, in my nightmares. When I told my dad I was going to my mum about it, he planted drugs in my bedroom the next day. That’s how I ended up in that place. I know my mum and he got a divorce while I was in there but it wasn’t anything to do with the murder. I haven’t seen him since he put me in that place. He’s probably walking around like nothing ever happened, no justice or anything. That man could have had a family, a wife, kids!” he was now yelling, I could see how much it affected him, it would’ve affected anyone. Something like this messed you up. Slowly, I got up and placed my arms around him, hugging him gently. “It’s going to be ok, we can deal with this together.”

We stood there for a few minutes, completely silent. “Mason, what was on the phone?” I asked. He let go of me, reached for his phone and showed me the text. “I need to go, Malia. You’ll be alright here won’t you?”

“Wait, isn’t Sacramento two hours away? Let me come with you.”
“No, you read the text. I need to go alone. Just stay here, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”


It had been two hours since Mason left for Sacramento, I was sitting on the balcony with a coffee. This whole thing with his dad made me think about the pregnancy, maybe a baby could help him through this. Let him be the father his dad wouldn’t be. My phone rang piercingly, ‘INCOMING CALL FROM MASON.’

“Hey, are you there yet?” I asked over the phone.

“Yes, Malia. There’s no one here…”

Abruptly, I heard the front door open. “Mason, I think someone’s in the house.” I put the phone down on the table, I looked down at the road from the balcony, hoping to see Mason’s motorbike and it was him just scaring me. I felt something hot on my neck, like someone’s breathe. Like it was life or death, I turned around sharply to see a familiar face. Someone who I never thought I would see ever again, Charlotte. Her face was the last face I saw that morning, the last image I saw was her lifting something from her other hand. Swinging it around my head, viscously.


Everything in my body was hurting as I tried to open my eyes. I felt blood drip from my head, it ached like someone had hit me over the head with something. My arm felt like someone had injected a needle into it and something wasn’t right. Something was missing. I struggled to keep my eyes open, my mind was fighting to get up and do something, to say something, to scream even but my body kept failing me.

When I finally opened my eyes fully, everything slowly began to come back. “AHHH. The b***h is awake!” Charlotte.

Looking around, it was dark, I could hardly see what was there. I didn’t know if it was the light or my brain playing tricks on me. It smelt like sewers in there, I didn’t know where I was. “How are you alive?” I muttered, but all that came out was gibberish. “What was that? Didn’t quite catch it.” She beamed, now getting up from her seat.

Coming closer and closer to me, her smile grew bigger, like a maniac. “It’s amazing seeing you like this, so lost and vulnerable. Finally getting what you deserve.” Charlotte laughed.

It took a lot of strength to get the words out but I eventually did. “How are you alive? I watched you die!” 

Once again, Charlotte laughed, imagine an evil psychopath laughing and that was her. “Oh honey, you wish. If I was alive, you would carry on living your perfectly normal life, with Mason all happy. But guess what! Lucky for me and terrible for you, I’m alive. Think of me like a ghost, haunting you for your sins. You left me for dead in there and now you’re finally going to get what’s coming to you.”

“You’re insane! Charlotte there was nothing I could do. You don’t have to do this.” I quaked.

She paced around the room as she talked, “You see, this isn’t about what happened in there that night. This has nothing to do with the rehab or even me, I’m just doing the dirty work, committing the crime, pulling the trigger or however you want to phrase it.”

I groaned in pain, everything hurt. This pain in my stomach was unbearable, I hadn’t felt anything like it before in my life, I couldn’t explain it.

“Aha, it must be working.”

“W-what are you talking about? What have you done to me?”

Charlotte walked towards me and got down on her knees so that she was at my level. Gently, she placed her hand on my stomach and stroked it, I tried to jerk away but the handcuffs just got tighter as I tried to restrain myself. “While you were fast asleep, I got my revenge. I took a needle and I injected you with something. What was it called again? Ah yes, Methotrexate.”

Methotrexate? I had definitely heard of that before, it was some sort of drug.

“I’ll give you a clue to what it is, I can’t bare seeing that little brain of yours tick away any longer. You see, when I knocked you out and I brought your body here, I knew you were with child. So, I stopped off at a friend’s house who owed me a favour and picked up a dose of that drug. He told me that it killed the little human inside of women in less than two seconds, ‘POOF’ gone!”

No, it couldn’t be true. She hadn’t just killed my baby, or could she have? “No, no, no. Please tell me you’re bluffing! Charlotte, no!”

I now knew what the feeling was, it was loss. I was feeling the pain of my baby dying inside of me.

Her phone started to ring, she got up from sitting next to me and answered the call.

“Hello… I know this wasn’t a part of the plan but I couldn’t just kill her, she needs to suffer!”

“Charlotte! Tell whoever is on the phone to grow some balls, if they want me dead, come and kill me.” I belted, I wasn’t just hurt now, I was furious.

“You heard her…”


An hour later, my eyes were all puffy and red from crying. I was planning how I wanted to kill that b***h in my head. There was a hard knock on the door, it must’ve been whoever was trying to kill me and helping Charlotte.

She hurried to the door like a little puppet and pulled it wide open, I couldn’t quite see who it was yet until they came into the little bit of light there was. It was, Aiden.

“Hello, brother!” Charlotte sang.


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