Lost In The Shadows

I’m Brooklyn Addison. I prefer to be referred to by my middle name which my dad gave me: Malia. Brooklyn screams your typical stuck up, bubbly and full of life teenager but that was the old me...


9. Lost and Home.

Chapter Nine.


Bang Bang. “Malia please! It won’t stop bleeding… MALIA COME BACK! I can’t breathe.”

 Suddenly I heard Aiden’s voice calling my name, my eyes shot open as I breathed in and out heavily.

“Malia? Are you ok? You were screaming and shouting, how you needed to help her, who’s her?”

“Sorry, it was nothing. I just had a nightmare.” I said, wiping the sweat from my forehead.

I had forgotten about the events from last night, I fell asleep on Aiden and he must have not been able to get back to his floor bed. It was so nice, just being protected and warm in his arms, but the horrible nightmare about Charlotte ruined it. Aiden kept bugging me about rehab, it was annoying but I know he just cared about me. I eventually told him, leaving out the Charlotte situation. I hadn’t even been able to admit it to myself yet, there was no way I would’ve been able to tell Aiden; especially after last night. We were finally going to be happy, the fact that I killed someone would change everything. He would never be able to talk to me again and I wouldn’t blame him.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that Malia, I can’t imagine what it must have been like.” Aiden said as his thumb gently stroked my cheek.

“It’s fine, I just want to forget about this whole situation and focus on us now.” I smiled.

“Hmm, I can definitely do that!” he laughed, suddenly picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. He ran down the stairs, with me trying to fight my way off his shoulder, I screamed playfully.

“Are you fricking kidding me? Aiden!” I tried to be angry but failed miserably as I chuckled so hard my stomach started to hurt.

My eyes didn’t open until he placed me down softly at the kitchen table, I was way too scared of heights. When they did open, I realised there was a huge breakfast feast on the table; Pancakes, Waffles, Fruit, Bacon and Eggs. 

“Woah! What is this for?”

“Well, I was thinking… After we sort this whole rehab situation out with your dad, I could take you on a date?”

“Hmm, see the thing is… I have a few amazing guys waiting but I’ll think about it.” I joked.

“Oh, shut up!” Aiden sniggered.

“I’m kidding! But, yes I would love to. I wouldn’t miss out on another chance of kissing you again, even if it is while I’m soaked in the rain.” I smiled, trying to hide my obvious excitement. It was finally going to happen, we could finally be happy, even be a couple. When he first tapped me on the shoulder in that lesson or when he bugged me for hours at work, I would have never thought I’d be in love with him in the next six months. I never even thought I’d become the person he gave me a chance to be again.


Aiden rested his arm on my shoulder as we chuckled at the TV. The last few days had been amazing, we didn’t do anything spectacular or even go outside. But it was still perfect, we were in each other’s presence and that was all that mattered. We stayed in bed till noon, watched movies all day and we were constantly touching each other. The three months away from each other really brought us closer, we were always holding hands, cuddling and kissing. It wasn’t like me at all, any kind of romantic affection made me kind of sick but Aiden changed me in all different ways, good ways.

I had boyfriends before but it was so different. Like Liam, all my other relationships were based on the physical side of things. Yes, Aiden and I were quite physical but we enjoyed deep conversations. We talked to each other and helped each other with things normal people couldn’t even deal with but that’s what I loved about it him. We both had our problems but that’s what brought us together.

Slowly, he got up from this sofa and held up my hands.

“We have to talk to your dad, Malia.”

“Ugh, but this is just so perfect. Why?”

“I know, trust me, I do not want this to end but when the rehab eventually call him, he is going to be worried sick.”

“If he cared so much, he wouldn’t have put me into that place.”

“Malia, for god’s sake. We both know he didn’t just put you in there to get rid of you.”

“Ok, ok… I’ll call him.”

Suddenly, the key started to click in the door. I turned around to see two adults that I guessed were Aiden’s parents. I quickly shot a frightened look to Aiden.

“Oh god.” He whispered.

His mum was so beautiful and young, she looked young enough to be my older sister. A man followed her in, who I realised was Aiden’s horrible step-dad. I couldn’t believe I was meeting his parents already, we hadn’t even been on our first real date yet.

“Aiden!” His mum exclaimed joyfully, skedaddling towards us in her stilettos. “And… who’s this beautiful young lady? Girlfriend?” now studying me.

Before Aiden had to awkwardly explain what we were, when we ourselves didn’t know, I said, “I’m Malia, nice to meet you!” Quickly, she came closer and hugged me tightly. As she nearly broke my ribs, I stared at Aiden mouthing ‘HELP ME’. He laughed to himself, just watching me.

When she finally let go, she said; “I’m Melinda but you can call me Mindy and this is my husband Oscar.” Pointing towards the man at the door.

His step-dad was wearing a dashing black suit and carried two suitcases in his hands. Immediately, Aiden took hold of my hands. “And… that is our que to leave. We’ll be upstairs, Mom.” 

I was so confused at why he was taking me upstairs without letting me say hello to his step-dad. I knew that Oscar and Mindy got together after Aiden’s dad died, but I didn’t know why Aiden hated him so much. However, I knew something was up. I could feel the tension between them. When we reached his room, I shut his door.

“Aiden, what’s going on with you and your step-dad?”

“Oh, that douche-bag? Yeah, on the roof top that night, I forgot to mention the most exciting part of the story; him and my mum were having an affair while my dad was alive. My sister found out about it and then left as soon as she could go to college.”

“Oh, Aiden. I’m so sorry.” I said, sitting myself down next to him at the end of the bed.

“It’s fine, but we can’t stay here anymore. You need to speak to your dad Malia. I’m probably going to stay with a friend while they’re here and then hopefully they’ll be gone soon. If not, I have to stay elsewhere until College in a few months. I’m really sorry.”

“Aiden, don’t worry. I’ll text my dad now.” I said, giving him a reassuring smile.



Don’t kill me, but I’m not in rehab anymore. It’s a long story, can we talk somewhere?

A few minutes later, he replied.


This better be good, Malia. Meet me at Cora’s Coffee, I just finished work. I’m on my way there now.

I stood up from the bed, “Ok, I’m going to meet my dad at Cora’s. See you soon.”

“Wait, Santa Monica? Let me drive you, one second.”


When we got to Cora’s, my hands were shaking. I hadn’t seen him in three months and I was probably going to get the biggest lecture of my life. I walked in, to see my dad sitting in a booth by himself sipping a coffee. As soon as he saw me, he got up from the booth and came towards me rapidly, giving me a huge hug.

“You look well, so much better.” He said, now scanning me all over.

“Because I am, I’m so much better now. I promise.”

“We’ll see, how did you leave? You had another month.”

“Oh god, you’re going to need to sit down.”

I explained it all to him, leaving the part about Charlotte out. I was really getting sick of telling people this story, but it had to be done. He said that no one at school knew, aside from Aiden. People apparently thought I was just sick and in hospital. I was going back to school on Monday, I needed some normality in my life. We made an agreement, that if I wanted to go out, I had to discuss every single detail with him. It was fair, seeing as I had an overdose a few months ago.


Monday, 7:50

Aiden offered to pick me up on the way to school but I needed to do this by myself so I rode my bike as usual. The school kids looked normal; it was just a normal school day for them. For me, it was nerve-racking, everyone would be talking about me, rumours would be going around about why I was gone.

I calmly walked down the corridors with my earphones in, hoping no one would talk to me. Everyone whispered around the lock doors, I assumed they were talking about me. But no, I heard a girl say…. “Did you hear about Mia?” I stopped for a minute, trying to listen in. The girl continued, “She’s pregnant.”


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