Lost In The Shadows

I’m Brooklyn Addison. I prefer to be referred to by my middle name which my dad gave me: Malia. Brooklyn screams your typical stuck up, bubbly and full of life teenager but that was the old me...


16. Lost and First.

Chapter 16.

I sat in the lounge awaiting my flight as the terribly moody woman on the speakerphone began to speak, “The American Airline flight to London Gatwick will be boarding in the next half an hour.” The tone of her voice made me more depressed then I already was and I didn’t even think that was possible.

The last few days had been terrible, I had been throwing up like I had been eating expired food all my life, Mason hadn’t called or texted, my dad had kept ringing me and of course; no contact what so ever from Aiden. He was most probably all huddled up next to Maddison in his dorm room. But that was the past, London was my future. However, I couldn’t help but question my decisions and my feelings. Mason had basically told me he was in love with me and I was moving to the other side of the world without any goodbye. Was I really going to do this? I didn’t know if I could love Mason the way he loved me, I had feelings for him but I didn’t know if I could give him everything he wanted. I couldn’t give up an opportunity of a career and a better life for ‘Maybe’ having feelings for him, I needed something else to keep me here.

Two hours later…

The flight had been delayed for some reason and the woman opposite me kept staring at me. Her trousers had an intricate zebra print and she had a vibrant rainbow top on; her outfit was rather different. Deeply, she gawked into my eyes like she was digging into my soul. Suddenly, she jumped up from her seat slowing down as she came closer and closer towards me. “I smell…” pausing as she rested her right hand on my stomach for a second, “Pregnancy, my dear.” Immediately, I backed away, trying to get up and go around her. These stupid scams were pathetic, all they wanted were money and attention.

The flight went from a two-hour delay to a four-hour delay because of a so-called storm. I left the lounge and walked around the shops seeking a boutique of some kind; all I had on me were my pre-paid flight tickets and ten dollars so I wasn’t going to be buying anything. As I strolled around mindlessly, the pharmacy sign flashed in my eyes. I didn’t believe what that stupid woman said about me being pregnant but there was no harm in seeing for myself.

Anxiously, I walked over to the counter where a ginger haired woman who looked around my age greeted me, “Hello. How could I help you?”

“Could I get a pregnancy test please?”

I could feel her judgement from over the counter, “Hm, that will be three-dollars and fifty-cent. Bathrooms in the back.”

“Uh, thanks.”

Crouching down on the toilet seat, I thought to myself, peeing on a stick was so weird. The idea that a little machine knew if there was a living foetus inside of you by a touch of your urine, startled me. After two minutes of waiting, two red bars appeared on the stick. What did the two bars mean?

I ran outside, closing the door behind me. “Uh, hi. Sorry, the two red bars, what does it mean?” The lady at the counter giggled as she glanced at the wet stick in my hands, “Girl, you’re pregnant.”

Pregnant? No, I couldn’t be. I mean… it was possible but I was way too young. I found it hard to look after myself let alone a baby, another whole human.

People barged into me, and shouted as they ran for their flights. I couldn’t blame them; I was standing in the middle of an airport but I was going through a major life crisis. There was no way in hell that I was going to London now, I had to decide what I was doing with this living thing inside of me. Only thing was, I had no way of getting home. I could’ve called Mason but he would’ve asked why I was in an airport and I didn’t want to have to face him yet until I knew how I truly felt about him. ‘Buzzzz’, my phone vibrated in my back pocket. It was Alexa, which was weird because we hadn’t talked since we both left high school a few months back. Warily, I answered. “Hey, Alexa?”

“Malia! I was wondering what you were doing today? I heard what Maddison did and I can’t help but apologise for her.”

“Oh, right. Listen Alexa, the last thing I need is for you to be pitying me. Maddison had a right to… do whatever she did with Aiden. He wasn’t mine to begin with.”

“Wow, Malia. For a second I nearly believed that. You and Aiden were in love with each other so just let me take you to brunch. Not even to make up for it but I feel like you need a friend right now and I miss you. I’m not taking no for an answer. Where are you?”

“Don’t question it, but I’m at the airport. Heh.”

“On my way!” She exclaimed, I could feel her smiling through the phone.


“OH, I’ve missed you.” Alexa cried, hugging me as soon as we got out of the car. “So, when I got off the phone with you, I booked us a reservation at ‘The Rose’, it’s lovely. They know my dad very well in there, so they never ask for ID. How great!” She pointed at this restaurant across the street, there were tables and chairs outside, groups of people laughing and having fun, it did look lovely but way too expensive for my price range. Awkwardly, I said “Alexa. It looks a bit pricey and I don’t have that much money on me.”

“Oh, shut up! Pay me back, don’t worry.”

They placed us at a little table at the back so we could see the sea-view. I eyed the menu, the poached eggs looked pleasant, plus it looked the most inexpensive. This woman came over, wearing a cute little bow-tie, a neat white shirt and a black skirt with an IPad in her hand. “Hello, welcome to the Rose. What can I get for you today? Any drinks?”

“Wooh, boujee.” I whispered to Alexa from across the table, laughing quietly.

“I’ll get a Martini please. Malia?”

Forgetting I was pregnant, “Same please.”

Alexa grinned at me from across the table, suspiciously. “What?” I laughed.

“I haven’t seen you laugh in a while, that’s all. I feel like the old you is trying to come back through.” She beamed.

Trying to change the subject, “Well, IPad’s?” I said, holding back my laughter.

A couple of minutes later, the waitress came back over with two cocktails, both had an olive each at the top of the glass. She placed the drinks down next to us and got her IPad back out from under her arm. I began to take a sip of my Martini, I got a whiff of the Gin. Immediately, I turned around and spat it back into the glass. ‘Pregnant. I can’t drink.’ I thought to myself, drilling it into my mind.

“Now, what can I get you guys to eat?”

“Could I please have the Poached eggs and Smoked Salmon?” I asked, the waitress nodded as she typed it onto her IPad.

“I’ll just get the Chicken Caesar Salad, thank you.”

Confused, I looked at her. “Salad? Please do not tell me you have turned into one of them vegan LA girls. I remember when we used to order ten Meat Feast Pizza’s at our sleepovers.”

“I’m on a diet!”

“Jesus, Alexa! Look at you, you're skin and bones.” I chuckled.

“Well, I want to be toned. Sometimes Malia, you must get over what you love to get what you deserve. I learned to love Salads just as much as I loved Pizza. Of course, I still love Pizza but Salads are a better fit for me.”

Something clicked inside of me, she was right. Right in so many ways, I had to go and see Mason. I loved Aiden and everything but I deserved so much more than him. “Alexa, I’m sorry. But I have to go and do something that I should’ve done and said months ago. I’ll call you later!”

Knocking on his door, I heard Mason shout “One second!” He had moved into a new apartment a few weeks ago in Santa Monica and I hadn’t been there until now. His face lit up when he realised it was me. “Malia? What…”

“Ssh… I have to say something. Mason, I don’t know what the future or even right now holds. My life is a mess right now, I don’t know what I want to do. University seems like a big jumble of pointlessness and I don’t know where I’m going to be five years from now. All I know is that so far in my life you’ve been the thrill I’ve never had. You came along and suddenly; a part of my life has made sense again. You gave me everything Aiden couldn’t. I don’t know why I haven’t realised it until now but ever since you pulled me over in that alleyway, you were always my first choice.”

He stared at me for a second, taking it all in. I made a long, deep exhale as I said that ‘speech’ quite fast. “Can…”

He looked down at me, “Come in, you little Munchkin.”

“Did Mason Willows just call me Munchkin?”

“No, shut up.” He laughed, throwing me over his shoulder.

“MASON!” I screamed.

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