Lost In The Shadows

I’m Brooklyn Addison. I prefer to be referred to by my middle name which my dad gave me: Malia. Brooklyn screams your typical stuck up, bubbly and full of life teenager but that was the old me...


17. Lost and FIRE.

Chapter 17.

The rays of sun shone through the blinds, slightly blinding me, I turned around expecting Mason sleeping next to me peacefully but the other side of the bed was empty. I called out his name and a few minutes later a shirtless Mason walked in holding a tray of food. “Do you ever wear clothes?” I asked.

“It’s something you’re going to have to get used to, Munchkin.” He smirked.

“Well, I’m certainly not complaining. And, first of all, Munchkin? This is the second time you’ve called me that.” I laughed, sitting up straight in Mason’s bed. “Second of all, is that food I see?” rubbing my hands together.

“I suppose it just stuck! But it’s between us, I’ve got a reputation to uphold and all of that. And yes, I’ve made you my signature breakfast dish… Pancakes, Bacon and a ton of Maple Syrup, it reminds me of home when my mum used to make me them in the mornings.” He smiled, placing the tray on my lap.

“Yeah, reputation, right.” I sniggered, “Thanks for the breakfast, I could get used to this you know!”

“Oh god, don’t get too comfortable, I’ve got a waiting list of girls that are ready to come knocking on my door late at night and getting breakfast in bed in the morning.” Mason kidded. I rolled my eyes at his humour.

As I dug into my amazing breakfast, he started to get dressed. “Where are you going, Mr?” 

“I’ll be back in two minutes, just going to the shop across the road to get some things to eat. The fridge is nearly empty, the pancakes were the last thing in there. I’m not used to having company in this little apartment so I better get some more stuff, can’t leave my girl hungry. Can I?”

I didn’t think he meant to call me ‘his girl’ but I liked the sound of it. “Cool, see you in a bit.”

After I finished my breakfast, I placed the empty plate of food in the sink and walked back to the bedroom. I noticed a balcony and quickly chucked on Mason’s robe; all I was wearing were one of his long t-shirts. You could see the main road and the whole of Santa Monica from the balcony, it reminded me of the rooftop on the apartments nearby. Mason had already been fifteen minutes, I wondered what was taking him so long but then I saw the back of guy who looked a lot like Mason with a familiar leather jacket on kneeling down next to a ten-year-old looking boy. By the looks of it, the little boy’s scooter was broken and Mason was fixing it. When Mason got up and turned around, he had a grin that went from one cheek to another, he seemed so content and joyful with the child. Maybe this whole baby thing could work.

The next few hours were really chill, we stayed in bed most of the day. We talked, snacked on rubbish, watched Netflix it was great just having someone there to have fun with and not have to worry about any problems or even the outside world. Mason was telling me about how his uncle had a garage that he was going to start working at; he had been a part time mechanic after school when he used to live back in San Francisco.

Later, Mason had planned for us to meet his friends that were over from San Fran, he had told me about them being over but hadn’t suggested we go out and meet them. He knew about my anxiety and me being uncomfortable in social situations but I insisted we go and meet them, he hadn’t seen them in months because he was in here in LA wanting to be closer to me.


As I jumped off of Mason’s Motorbike, it was hard to see where we were because it was quite late at night. When I heard the waves, and the salty-sea water flew up my nostrils, I knew it was Santa Monica beach. It made sense; we were only riding for ten minutes and his apartment was quite near. “We’re meeting them at the beach at nine o’clock at night?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’re having a bonfire, it’s a little tradition of ours. But be careful, they’re a bit wild. I’m sure you’ll fit in though.” He said, putting his arm around me as we walked down the steps of the beach.

We walked across the sand and I had to take my trainers off, I noticed them straight away because of the huge fire coming from the sticks and the loud shouting.

Five teenagers sat in a circle around the Bonfire all on deck chairs. “Hey guys! This is Malia.” I looked around and all of them waved, the thought of them all staring at me, judging my every move made me nauseous until a girl with electric blue hair, sharp bangs, a Metallica Black tee and ripped dark blue jeans got up to hug me. “Malia! I’ve heard a lot about you, come… sit, sit.” I went and sat on the empty deck chair next to Mason as she continued talking. “This loud one here is Skylar!” Mason laughed, pointing at the blue-haired girl. Playfully, she gave him a light punch and shouted. “You douche! It’s Sky, but Mase obviously loves to annoy me." Mase?

"Anyway, yes I’m Sky.” Sky pointed to two girls that sat hand in hand, “This is Camille…” she pointed at the first girl, Camille had vibrant red hair and these pure green eyes that stood out in the light of the flames. Sky continued, “And this is Luna, don’t mind them two, they’re just in their own little world of lovey-dovey.” They were an extremely beautiful couple, Luna had locks and locks of dark thick curls, hazel eyes and had a dark complexion. They both gave me a huge smile, however not leaving their seats, which I appreciated; I wasn’t in the mood for having another hug. Sky went through the rest of Mason’s friends, there was Luke who was blonde and looked like the type of guy who was on the football team, there was Eli who had dark hair, almost like Mason’s, he wouldn’t stop going on about his Puerto Rican culture, it was nice that they felt comfortable with me already though.

We had a really fun time, everyone was so welcoming and laid back. Yes, they were crazy and telling me all about their spontaneous adventures but they were chill at the same time. Drinking, listening to music and having fun all around. Sky offered me a drink a few times but I declined politely trying to not make it obvious why.

Mason and Sky seemed really close, I didn’t know if it was just me but there was some kind of fire between and not the bonfire fire. However, I wasn’t intimidated by her as such, Mason kept his arm around me; he was tremendously loyal so it kept me at ease.

“Am I the only one thinking it?” Luke asked, scanning around the group.

“What?” I laughed, not getting the mental messages everyone was apparently getting.

“Mason?” Luna questioned.

“It’s all up to her.” he looked at me, smiling.

“Malia… Let’s go swimming!”

I grinned and I think everyone took that as their answer because they all got up running to the ocean, leaving a trail of their clothes behind. “Sky? I haven’t got a swimming costume or anything.” I whispered, trying not to let anyone else hear.

“I know silly, none of us have. Go in your underwear! If you’re scared of people seeing you, don’t worry because it’s dark.” And she was off, guess that was my que to jump in.

I don’t know what I was worried about, everyone didn’t seem to care. It was amazing, splashing around in the ocean with no care in the world. Mason kept close to me at all times, I think he just felt a bit worried that I was uncomfortable. “Mason, I’m fine, no I’m more than fine! This is PERFECT!” I screamed, letting it all out. Everyone followed in my footsteps screaming like we were the only people on the planet. “WOOHOO”


A couple of hours later, Mason dropped me back to my dad’s house. I was going to stay there and spend some time with him in the morning and fill him in on all my plans.

It was past midnight so everyone was probably sleeping. Luckily, I had keys with me so I just let myself in. The door creaked open and I found my dad asleep in his armchair, I don’t know why I was surprised. I made it to the stairs when I heard, “Malia. Stop right there.”

I rolled my eyes, made a groaning noise and turned back around. “Heh, hey dad.” I tried to say, smiling nervously.

He looked me up and down and then once more. My hair was soaking wet and I didn’t have a towel so the wetness of my body soaked through my clothes too. I looked amazing. “Where the hell were you? And why are you not on campus?”

“Ha, it’s a funny story actually…” I said with the same anxious smile, he definitely didn’t find the fact that I was taking a gap year funny. “And, tonight I was at the beach with Mason and his friends. That’s why I’m soaked in water. Don’t get mad! It was really fun and mostly safe.” I said, whispering the last part. He sat and thought for a few seconds, longest few seconds of my life. “I don’t even know who you are anymore, Malia. Plus, Mason’s bad news. I don’t think you should be hanging around with him.”

“You haven’t even met him, Dad!”

“I don’t care. I can see you changing and I don’t like it.” He said with a stern face.

“Dad, I’ve been the popular girl, the depressed girl, the crazy girl, the drug girl. Can’t I be me now? I feel like I’ve found myself, I just need you to stop controlling me for once.”

“Maybe I need to, what is this you? What’ve you found? All I see is your mum!”

Tears began rolling down from my eyes, like a stream. “If you’re going to be living in my house, it’s my rules.” He roared.

“Well, maybe I won’t live in your house!” I ran back to the front door, storming out, slamming it behind me. I heard him shout, faintly. “Do what you and your mum do best! Yeah, leave!”

I got out my phone and started to text Mason.

ME: My dad and I had an argument, I need you to come and get me please.

MASON: Stay where you are, I’ll be right there.

A tear fell onto my phone as I sat on the porch quietly waiting.

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