The Great Storm of 1774

(COMPLETED) Read along as 15 year old Angelica Lexington is left alone to take care of her four younger siblings at the height of the revolution, in Georgia. She looks back on her life through her vivid and inspiring writing. Yellow for death, disease and injury.

"This is so inspiring" - My Friend
"I loved that book so much!" - Coolgymnastcat


25. Seven Years Previous

My brother Aaron was 3. The twins, James and Alexander, were two. My mother had sat us down in the sitting room. The sun shown from the window, and reflected onto the worn carpet. She slowly sat down, Aaron, Father and I already sitting.

"You may already know by now," My mother began.

"But," My mother said slowly as she took a quick glance to Father.

"Aaron, you are going to be a big brother. As for you, Angelica. The doctor has put me on bedrest. You are now the woman of the house until the baby comes."

My Father walked quickly over towards my mother. He nodded towards us.

"That will be all."

He rubbed her back and escorted her to their back bedroom.


A few months later, they had the baby, a boy named Charles. And two years after that, another boy, John-Church. At this point, I had five brothers. One might actually assume that wasn't fun. But I actually miss James and Alexander very much, even today. I had perhaps the closest relationship with them, and I really got to see them grow up until, well, their lives ended too soon. And then, about five years after that, a total of seven years from before, Hannah was born. My mother died. My father left. George came. Then, there was a tornado. It wiped out almost everything I had ever known. It almost changed my life as much as the day my father left from before or when my mother died and had Hannah or when I found out the fate I was left to now. But, I can't dwell too much on the past, or worry about the future. I have to get back to the present.

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