The Great Storm of 1774

(COMPLETED) Read along as 15 year old Angelica Lexington is left alone to take care of her four younger siblings at the height of the revolution, in Georgia. She looks back on her life through her vivid and inspiring writing. Yellow for death, disease and injury.

"This is so inspiring" - My Friend
"I loved that book so much!" - Coolgymnastcat


9. Really Truly

"Your Father told me a little bit about you, and your, uh, situation." George said.

I nodded. "Yes."

"So you are becoming a mother to these children?"

"Basically, yes."

"And I am supposed to be their Father?" 

I laughed a little. "Yes."

"Wow, three younger brothers. You must have been relieved when Hannah came along."

I laughed a little. "There were actually two more; James and Alexander, twins. They would be 10. They died just a few years ago."

"I guess you only got a few years with your parents to yourself." George laughed at his own joke.


"So, what's it like? I have always wanted to be a Father. I used to play with dolls when I was really little. Now horses are my thing." George laughed, nervously.

I thought for a bit. "It's hard, I guess.... not a lot of time to yourself." I laughed a bit. It was true.


"But why would you give up that time?"

"It's worth it in the end. I love my family all so much, and I'm so lucky to have them. I would do anything just to make them happy." I respond.



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