The Great Storm of 1774

(COMPLETED) Read along as 15 year old Angelica Lexington is left alone to take care of her four younger siblings at the height of the revolution, in Georgia. She looks back on her life through her vivid and inspiring writing. Yellow for death, disease and injury.

"This is so inspiring" - My Friend
"I loved that book so much!" - Coolgymnastcat


14. George's Song

I know you're stuck here waiting

I know it can't be fun

I know that's life's inviting


for the war to be done


Let me tell you a story

from the bottom

of my heart

a story 

where love is never torn apart! 



this is the story of you and me

but just you wait

you will see that 


this is the story of you and I 

I will try but

just you wait


oh just you wait 

oh just you wait

oh just you wait

oh just you....


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