The Great Storm of 1774

(COMPLETED) Read along as 15 year old Angelica Lexington is left alone to take care of her four younger siblings at the height of the revolution, in Georgia. She looks back on her life through her vivid and inspiring writing. Yellow for death, disease and injury.

"This is so inspiring" - My Friend
"I loved that book so much!" - Coolgymnastcat


10. Flashback

Mother is leaning over a bed. Silent tears work their way down her face. James is lying in a bed, his eyes closed. Father is holding onto the hands of John-Church and Charles, while I am standing close to Aaron, and my arm is around him. Alexander is by Mother's side. There is a knock on the door, and Father rushes to the answer it, while pushing my other brothers to me. Alexander grasps Charles' hand, and the doctor and Father come rushing into the room.


The doctor is checking James, and is trying to get some medicines down his throat. The doctor draws back, and the room is silent of the previous cries of pain that were coming from James earlier. Mother feels his pulse on his wrist. Nothing is there. She places her hand on his chest and it does not rise and fall. Alexander is in shock. Charles rests his head on my side, and I can tell he is crying. Second to Alexander, he was James' closest friend and brother. 


Alexander has moved closer to James. He is by the top of the bed, kneeling on the floor, face to face with his dead brother. Tears stream down his face and he is shaking. Mother walks over to him, and bends down by his side while Father moves to Charles, John-Church and I. I hear the doctor whisper to Father. "I am so sorry about your son. I did everything I could. But the fever struck him too badly. He will go to the heavens where you will meet him someday. All of us will. Your family is truly wonderful, and I am so sorry for your loss. It was beyond my abilities." And with that, the doctor leaves.

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