The Great Storm of 1774

(COMPLETED) Read along as 15 year old Angelica Lexington is left alone to take care of her four younger siblings at the height of the revolution, in Georgia. She looks back on her life through her vivid and inspiring writing. Yellow for death, disease and injury.

"This is so inspiring" - My Friend
"I loved that book so much!" - Coolgymnastcat


27. Charles' Tale

"We heard the wind start to pick up, and Aaron said that he heard someone say it was tornado season. So we went inside a store. We were there for a little while when the shopkeeper left to go to his home nearby but said we could stay here. So we thanked him. Then it started to rain and thunder. I got really scared. But Aaron told me everything would be alright." Charles looked briefly towards Aaron on the floor and fiddled with his fingers.


"So, this wall fell off of a shelf, which ripped out part of the wall. I suppose the shelf was built in? I am not sure. Aaron fell, but he couldn't get up because a piece of glass had fallen onto his foot and leg. So I made him a little pillow out of my jacket and stayed by him. It was good until the next part. All of a sudden, a tree fell and the wall collapsed onto where Aaron and I were. Luckily the tree got caught on this barrel and sort of made a wall over Aaron and I. Except a plank of wood fell right on Aaron's head. I'm really sorry Angelica I just didn't know what to do and everything happened so fast!" Charles began to talk faster, and I listened while my eyes kept on drifting back to Aaron.


He was probably knocked out. And the leg- I couldn't bear the thought. Even just thinking about it made me wince. My mind just wanted to go back to that this was all my fault. But, I had to push those thoughts away. I had to do something. I just must.

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