The Popular Boy

Clara is just into her freshman year of high school. She is the quite girl that nobody talks to. Then she gets partnered up with one of the Junior Baseball players named Tyson. She falls for him the first time they talk. But they come from two different world... Will they fall in love or will it all fall apart at Clara's feet.


1. The Pair Up

I walked into class and darted for the back of the room. I'm not the girl who likes all the attention honestly. I find people who seek that kind of attention is just not quite the people who I wanna be like. I keep to myself in the back of the room. So that away i'm not in anybodies way. I'm finally a freshman. Its the middle of the year and I just want it to be over with already. I hate being surrounded by people who taunt me every day. 

A voice spoke beside me "Is this seat taken?" 

I looked up to see who the person and it was Tyson Johnson. One of the Baseball players in the Junior class. I just nodded and he pulled the seat out to sit. We sat there most of the class time not talking. 

"Alright guys, We are all entering into a contest. 'yay' So the person you are sitting next to is going to be partnering up with you to come up with something that has changed our lives and give examples of how and stuff and why. Then you are to build that idea but better design a new one. Explain what could make the object better." Mrs. Miles said as she handed out the papers that told us exactly what she had just said. 

Tyson cleared his throat and looked at me "So shall we come up with a idea. or will we spend the rest of the time not talking?"

I thought about not talking so i don't embarrass myself, But who am I kidding, just sitting here would also be embarrassing myself. 

I finally formed the words and said "How about we do something with phones."

He looked like he was thinking then finally had spoke "Yeah, but don't you think a lot of people will think of that?" 

He made a very good point for a Jock. I thought about it but before I could say anything he did. 

"How about video games, we could build a new type of system and show how they have changed over time. We could draw the older ones and then make a new one. You can draw right?"

 I stared at him for a moment. How did he know I could draw. I hesitated for a moment. "Yeah, I can but i'm really not that good."

Except I was lying and I knew it and he did too. 

He moved in closer to me and whispered "Aren't you the one who drew the school mural over the summer?"

 I immediately moved back away from him and asked how he knew that. He told me how he had a lot of practice for Baseball during the summer and the principal let him use the baseball field and baseball thrower outer thing to practice his hits and that he saw me working on it alone. So he knew that i did it. 

So I admitted to being a good drawer and stuff. Right before the bell rung he told me that he could meet up this weekend to actually get some ideas going. He asked for my number so he could text me after practice Saturday and tell me where to meet him. 

The rest of the day went by pretty fast. I walk into my house and the smell of fresh cookies arises from the kitchen. That meant they had some news for me. You never know if it could be bad or if it could be good news.

Once they told me I couldn't believe it. I started to cry and ran off to my bedroom. How could they do this. 

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