The Popular Boy

Clara is just into her freshman year of high school. She is the quite girl that nobody talks to. Then she gets partnered up with one of the Junior Baseball players named Tyson. She falls for him the first time they talk. But they come from two different world... Will they fall in love or will it all fall apart at Clara's feet.


3. The Almost Kiss

Monday after school I walked up to Tyson and asked him if he wanted to hang out after school and work on the project. 

His girlfriend looked at me like I was a stupid and said "HA! Tyson! Hang out with you? Please, you're the type of girl who does the project for him and he gets the credit for doing absolutely nothing." Tyson just let her talk to me like that and did not say a single word. He just walked away like nothing had happened like it didn't hurt. His girlfriend is the prettiest Junior there is. Hate to admit it though. Also she is the head cheerleader. Surprising? I stood there after a moment when they left. I should have known he wouldn't say anything. Basic Jock move. I drove home that evening and laughed at the thought of Tyson Johnson actually being my friend. I sent Tyson a text when i got home saying,

"Tyson look I know I'm not someone you'd ever wanna be seen with but, we do need these 400 points! I will not do it alone. If i do I will see to it that I get all the points and not just 200." After I  sent it I lied in bed and fell asleep.

2 hours later 

When I woke up i had a long text message from Tyson saying,

"I'm sorry I did that today, I like you. You seem like a great person, and you could be a great friend too. But come on Clara. we both come from different groups. I'm a jock you're this amazing smart shy girl. But at school i'm 'not' supposed to like you. My friends will think of me differently. I'm the best player on the team. I can't loose the "fame". I know I hurt you because it hurt ignoring you. I'm sorry. If you forgive me meet me @ our park spot at 7;30 tonight and well work on it. I promise!!

I wanted to stay mad at him but he said he was sorry and coming from a jock to a loser sorry means a lot. At 7:30 I pulled into the park and did not see Tyson anywhere. I stepped out of my car looking over at the spot and still couldn't see him. Has he really set me up?

Then out of nowhere I heard Tyson scream "BOO!" Which scared me. 

"Fudge, Tyson you scared me!" I said still shocked. 

"Oh come on, you don't cuss." Tyson asked. I shock my head no and we walked over to our spot. That had lighting from the Halloween lights from three months ago. We worked on a project for a little while until i got the idea to swing. We walked over to the swings and swung for a minute before we talked. 

We talked about our goals and I told him about my dream of being an artist. But my parents want me to be a nurse because they don't think I can make a great living with my drawling and think i should put my brains to something better. Tyson told me that I needed to put aside someone else dream and follow mine. He told me that I was an amazing artist and not putting that ability would be a waste. He maybe a Jock but he is a great listener and advice giver. I eventually asked him what he wanted to be and he said " We are kind of in the same boat. I want to be a house designer and my parents want me to be a professional Baseball player. How can I tell them no and let them down?"

I told him that he needs to start practicing what he speaks that it might do him some good. He shock his head like he agreed but i felt like there was something more to it than that. 

"Wanna see who can jump further?" Tyson asked me. I thought about it then replied "yes"

He jumped and stood where he landed so we could see who went further. When i jumped I landed right on top of him. We looked into each others eyes for a long time it seemed like. You know in the moves where this stuff happens and you can just imagine how they felt. Well my heart was beating so fast. His eyes were so dreamy. We both moved in for a kiss. I could feel him breath on my face. I pulled away before we kissed and stood up. I took my stuff and headed for my car.

"Clara wait!" Tyson yelled. I felt the tears running down my face while I was walking away. I drove most of the night. I did not get home until around Two in the morning. How could he let this happen? After saying we couldn't even be Friends. 

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