The Popular Boy

Clara is just into her freshman year of high school. She is the quite girl that nobody talks to. Then she gets partnered up with one of the Junior Baseball players named Tyson. She falls for him the first time they talk. But they come from two different world... Will they fall in love or will it all fall apart at Clara's feet.


11. Approval

When they told me they approved I felt my heart explode. It was probably the happiest moment in my life. Other than meeting Tyson and finally officially dating him. I walked Tyson outside and we walked to his car. He opened his car door and stood on the inner side of it. He looked at me and just smiled. 

"What?" I said confused. I know Tyson always looks at me randomly and smiles but he never told me why.

He continued to look at me and then he spoke and told me that he was just in love with me. I couldn't help but smile the whole time. He grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. Not like normal it had more meaning to it. I mean maybe it was just me. It felt like something more than it normally does. Like my lips tingled. You know in the movies and they kiss than ask if there was a spark. Well this was like a million fireworks going off at once. He finally met my parents and they love him. We finally pulled away and he looked at me and said "I want you to meet my parents. I know they know of you because of the prom but they don't know know you. I want them to understand why i am in love with you."

I hesitated and looked away for a moment thinking to myself. I know I don't fit into their kind of life style. What if i don't live up to what they want. I know that Tyson isn't letting anyone rule his life no more but i don't want the parents of the guy I love to hate me.

"Tyson What if they don't like me. Which there is a really high chance. Due to the fact that i am nothing like you guys. Not at all." He just laughed and kissed me goodbye and told me to let him handle that and that he would call me when he gets home. 

I went into my room started on my English homework I ended up passing out on my desk while writing a essay. When i woke up it was daylight and i had two miscalls from Tyson and 4 texts from him. The last text told me to meet him at the park near the lake. 

I got ready and got into my car and started to drive. It was raining pretty heavy but it was to stop about 1 pm which it is 12:14 right now. I was half way to the park when I heard a loud noise and every thing went dark.

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