Daily Writing

Just a little exercise thing that'll hopefully help me get better at writing. I thought I might share it with you, because why not?


2. Entry 2- The First Half (ToTC)

"Sofia, watch me!" Michael exclaimed. He leaped forward, hurdling over the small pile of golden leaves. Sofia laughed, propping herself up on the rake she was holding. She readjusted the straw hat on her head- the one her father had made for her- when the sun began to creep into her vision and blind her.

Michael ran up to Sofia, the top of his head barely reaching the height of her chin. He looked up at his sister, "Look, I made a pile just for you to jump over!" He pointed to another pile of leaves, about four feet from the original. Sofia smiled. She grabbed her little brother's hand and raced over to the piles of leaves. "Let's see who can jump farther!" she exclaimed. Michael cheered and laughed as they began to hop over each pile of colors. The grass around them shook with every movement they made. It danced in the afternoon breeze of a blazing-hot Sunday. The land belonging to Sofia's family stretched for 320 square acres. In the middle of the plot of land was a colonial home, three stories up. The front door was painted brick red, and the rest of the house was an imperial white. Trees scattered around the lot, they each had leaves painted in vibrant hues, releasing its hold on the branch and flying away with the wind. One of the trees had only a few leaves, and the strongest branch had two ropes tied around it, a wooden swing. The swing was painted white and had a small crack near the edge. When Sofia was little, she jammed an acorn into the crack. "It's my lucky acorn." she had told her mother proudly, hands on her hips. Her mother had smiled and tucked a strand of black, frizzy hair behind Sofia's ear. 

Suddenly, Sofia shrieked. Michael watched in horror as Sofia fell face-first into the dirt. Michael ran up to her, but tripped over one of the leaf piles, sending leaves flying everywhere. He looked back sadly, watching his hard work explode into bits and pieces. He turned around and marched up to his sister, who was sprawled on the dirt."Sofia, are you okay?" he asked, crouching beside her. Sofia lifted her head up, she spit some dirt out of her mouth. "I'm okay," she said with a grin.

"You scared me!" Michael exclaimed as Sofia got up and wiped the dirt off of her face. She looked at her bright yellow shirt- or used-to-be bright yellow shirt. It had smudges from grass and dirt, and probably some of her dinner from the night before. "I'm fine, Michael." She pat his head, getting bits of dirt in his light-brown hair. "You're not lying to me, right?" he asked, rocking back and forth on his heels. Sofia looked at him, her brown eyes melting. She looked up at the sky, at the wispy clouds. Her sunkissed skin glowed in the light.


"Yeah, Sofia?"

"I would never lie to you,"


"I promise,"

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