Daily Writing

Just a little exercise thing that'll hopefully help me get better at writing. I thought I might share it with you, because why not?


1. Entry 1- Little Cassidy Laurens

Little Cassidy Laurens carefully placed each foot in front of the other as she walked home. She took extra care to walk right in the middle of the sidewalk. That way, she wouldn’t be in danger of walking too close to the road. Cassidy knew to never, ever walk on the road.

The sun was beginning to set, as some of the trees surrounding the neighborhood had become silhouettes against the sky. A slight breeze cooled Cassidy’s face and made the grass sway. Steam rose from the road, absorbing every ounce of heat from the sun. The neighborhood consisted of carefully spaced homes, each two stories high. Many had bricks and siding, though none were exactly parallel to the sidewalk’s edge. The houses looked almost as if they each had tried to be the same- tried to fit in with each other, but gave up in the end, finally realizing that perfection was beyond their reach. Little Cassidy continued to trudge along through the blazing Autumn evening’s sun. Her bright pink backpack was a boulder that she carried on her back, filled with books from her school’s library.

She came to a halt when she saw something glittering in the sunlight. One short leg crossed in front of the other, she bent over to get a closer look. It was a plain, white, pebble. Probably out of a playground, it was slightly stained light brown in some places and had little creases that were filled with dirt. Cassidy snatched the pebble from the ground. Holding it between her thumb and index finger, she held it up and watched it sparkle. “I found treasure!”

Little Cassidy Laurens began to rush home, the pebble held tightly in her fist. The weight of her backpack suddenly disappeared, for she was too busy thinking about what she could do with such a valuable treasure. Her messy, light brown, curly locks of hair- tied back in a ponytail- bounced as she sprinted.

Across the street, a man was mowing his front lawn. This man was Oliver Cress. Oliver Cress was once Cassidy’s father’s good friend, until...

    Mr. Cress watched Little Cassidy as she ran home. “I found treasure!” she screamed happily. Mr. Cress chuckled, then quickly got back to his work.

    Finally, Cassidy reached her house. She jumped over the two stairs- nearly tripping- to reach the front door. She knocked frantically on the mahogany door. “Mom! MOM!” she yelled. The door opened, and Little Cassidy face-planted into the rug located in the foyer.  Little Cassidy’s mother yelped and jumped back. “Cassidy, what happened?” she asked fearfully. Little Cassidy looked up at her mother from the floor and grinned. “I found treasure!” she exclaimed. She hopped to her feet and held out her hand, presenting the ordinary pebble to her mother. “Oh, Cas-” her mother started. “You don’t like it?” Little Cassidy asked, her beady eyes struck with sadness. “No! I love it, Cassidy.” Her mother quickly said, kneeling. She hugged Cassidy. “You always find the beauty in everything, even when no one else can see it.”


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