The day I got revenge on Ned Kelly

this story is a conduction of made up story's and true story's



After being thrown in a big bristly bag, carried about 15 kilometres finally two men started to open the bag, all I could see was fire, big flames of fire, burning the tavern to the ground, all of a sudden I remembered, Ned was somewhere in the tavern, I screamed at the two men” Help, Ned is still in there” they spoke softly back “I’m sorry dear if we didn’t find him he is gone for good” and the moment he said that I collapsed to the ground crying and wishing I were never alive.


Suddenly I heard a faint yelping noise coming from the roof of the burning tavern, as I looked up I saw Ned waving, yelling for someone to help him. I bolted towards the tavern yelling “Ned you have to jump, I promise with all my might I will catch you.” And then, Ned jumped, into the air like a bird flying for the first time, suddenly heaps of people gathered like a school of  fish, but by the time he got down I didn’t catch him, although I had promised with my heart and soul I would catch him

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