Girls Run The World

Chase Jackson, a tomboy and prankster, daughter of a billionaire got kicked out of her house for her behavior.
Kyra Ronaldo, a cheerleader whose parents ground her for throwing a party when they were out of town.
Zoey West, a nerd, who ended up in a fight, which got her suspended.
Gianna Roberts, a foodie who got expelled for dyeing her pink uniform blue.
"Honey, encyclopedias' or lip gloss can't find my football."
- Chase Jackson
"I swear, blue looked better than pink mam."
- Gianna Roberts


1. Say Cheese

Chase's mother had a tough job coming up; waking up Chase. Chase wasn't one of those early birds. Nor was she one of those calm girls. She was the total opposite of Amy and Jackson. Jackson, a multi-billionaire, owner of the Jackson Tech., one of the most success full companies known was Chase' s dad. Amy, Jackson's spouse, was a fashion designer, owner of Miles and Chase's mom. Both Jackson and Amy were rich coming from rich backgrounds, that also came along with etiquette. They were highly mannered and had high expectations from their children. Their son, Caleb was taking up the company of his father within a few months when he turned eighteen. Chase, Calebs' twin was expected to reach the heights of Miles, but she hadn't blossomed any interest for it.

Chase in fact wasn't interested in fashion at all. Even her fashion sense was horrible. She wasn't the girl obsessed with dresses or make up. She liked getting muddy. She was nothing like her parents. Neither was she mannered nor did she listen to anyone. She followed her own ways and wishes much to Jackson's disappointment. Amy didn't find the fact of Chase following a different path disappointing. She was interested in finding out how this path would turn out. She didn't want her daughter to follow her path, she wanted it to be out of her own hardwork, sweat and success. 

Amy stood near the bedpost calling Chase's name. It stirred the sleep out of Chase, but she kept clinging to her bed. Amy smiled at thought. She couldn't even pull a blanket out of her as she never slept with a blanket. Jackson's voice was heard and the next minute he barged into the room to find Chase snoring on the bed, her half leg touching the floor. Fumes coming out of his ears would be an understatement. He stomped into the bathroom and filled the tub with ice cold water. Carrying Chase, he dropped her into the water.

Jumping out of the pool in quick motion, Chase came out of the pool drenched. Jackson dug out a pink dress from the pile of garbage and tossed it to her, "Wear it." He said. Chase let out a grunt and said, " First of all, that's pink. You know how much I despise that colour. Secondly, I don't wear dresses. They're not my type and lastly, thanks for the cold bathe."

Jackson growled, "Don't speak to me like that. And you are wearing it. We have some clients coming over." Causing Chase to roll her eyes.

"Can't it be any other colour?" Chase pouted.

Amy said, "Sorry Chase, but that's the only dress you've got." She motioned Jackson out of the room and closed Chases' room door giving her a slight smile. Grudgingly Chase put on the dress and sat on the bed. She looked at the mirror at her reflection. Pink sure didn't suit her skin. It made her look like a damsel in distress. Sighing she went downstairs glumly. 

Voices could be heard from the living room. Sure enough the clients had arrived.She scanned their features. A tall fat man in coat and suit, with a beard sat next to a short slim woman in a short dress stopping at her knees. Chase rolled her eyes at the woman. Beside her sat a girl who wore a dress that stopped a little higher than the mid thigh and sparkly white pencil heels with her face smeared with lipstick. She snickered when she saw a little bit on the girl's nose.

Jackson quickly whipped his head and glared at Chase. Ignoring her father Chase plopped down on the couch beside her brother. Caleb leaned towards her and whispered, "Readjust your sitting  position. Your wearing a dress, remember?"

Chase quickly went a shade of red as she steadied her dress and sat properly putting her knees together. Jackson said in a strong business tone," This is my future heir Caleb and that is Chase, future chief designer of Miles." Chase mentally rolled her eyes when he said that she was the designer of Miles. 'Come on, how many times have I told him about my fashion phobia?" she thought. 

The clients turned their heads to look at her and she could feel the woman's narrow stare. She pretty much glared at Chase. Of course, no one took notice of this as they were busy talking important business issues. After a few moments of zoning out, Chase piped up as Amy called them for Dinner. Chase was the first one to get up, running into the kitchen. After receiving Jackson's glare she entered the washroom to wash her hands. As she was washing she heard a slight movement on the wall. Turning her head, she saw a huge spider plastered on the wall. She smirked as an evil plan made its way to her brain.

Picking up the spider with a tissue, she exited the washroom and saw that all the seats were taken and the last seat left was between the girl and her snobby mom. 'Perfect, just perfect.' she thought as she sat down. Soon enough dinner was served and everyone started eating in silence. Taking the opportunity, Chase slid the spider on the girl's dress and continued enjoying the meal. Within seconds, a high pitched screech was heard and the girl jumped up the table knocking down a few dishes in the process. 

Her dad and mom immediately came rushing to her side enquiring her. 

"There was a huge spider on my dress." She said, pointing at the spider which now rested on the chair. The woman turned to glare at Chase and said, "It was you wasn't it?"

Chase tried to play it off but the food dripping from the girls hair and the cheese on her face made it hard. Soon she started laughing unable to control it anymore. Even Amy had a smile on her face. The man erupted, "Jackson, I didn't expect such a behavior from your family. I really am disappointed." And with that he pulled his spouse and daughter and and went out of the house.

As soon as they left, Chase felt a pull on her wrist. Turning behind she saw her father's enraged face. He said in a calm voice, "Your such a mannerless brat. Its a disgrace calling you my daughter, from my blood. Get out now." The silence made his voice echo slightly. Amy's eyes widened at this, "Jackson, it was an accident I'll make sure she doesn't repeat it."

Jackson raised his hand, "She is almost eighteen. I am sure she can handle it. This is not her first time behaving like this. Besides, she should know and feel the pain and hardwork I felt when I formed the company, and I DON'T want it to go down because of her."

Keeping a blank face, Chase went upstairs and changed into black jeans and a white checkshirt. Grabbing her duffle bag, she stuffed it with a pair of jeans and a few shirts and tees along with her jacket; her headphones and charger went in along with her pocket money. Putting on her converse, she rushed down stairs to see her dad, mom and brother staring at her.

Smirking at her family she said, "Don't worry, I might be going out now and may never come back, but always remember you will regret kicking me out." Giving a last hug to her brother, the only support she ever had she went out of the house slamming the door, ready for a new change in lifestyle. Grinning she started her adventure.

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