The Invisible Scars

Little did my brother and I know that our life would change that much after the divorce, after Chris moved in. We have invisible scars upon our bodies that made us the persons who are today. Losing people, heartbreaks and no one who cares. Will I ever get out of this dark world? Will I ever be able to show my scars...


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They are trying to do the best for them, to protect them from the reality, to keep it a family, and so they convince themselves that this imperfect situation, is the best one. At least better than the alternative.

'You better shut up and help me cook!' Mom yelled
' I need space! You are constantly yelling at me. Nothing is ever good enough for you!' Dad yelled back at mom.

And this went on and on and on. It's like a vicious circle, it's like a never-ending story. I was around 4 years old when mom and dad started fighting, yelling, screaming, all day long. In the end, I used to believe that it was normal, that it was daily life and that every family was like us.

One day, my dad just left mom, without a decent explanation. All he said was that he needed space, that he couldn't live like this, and so he left us. At least that's what my mom has always told me. My dad, on the other side, has always said that mom cheated on him. I guess I will never know what really happened.

After my dad left, there was just 3 of us. My brother - who is 3 years younger than me - my mom and I. But we weren't alone for a long time, though. My mom soon had another boyfriend, who is actually the cousin of my dad, which made it a little weird and uncomfortable.

This man, this very strange man - who I have never liked - came to visit us more and more. His name is Chris and is 10 years younger than mom. I have never understood what she had seen in him. He was so different than her, in all aspects of life.

At first, he was very kind, he played a lot with us, he helped mom with household, but then after a while, he started acting weird. I was young then, so I can't remember much about it, but I have always known that there was something about him, something weird, something very strange.

Later, my mom told us about the accident Chris had had. She told us that someone hit him with a car on purpose. The day of the accident the neighborhood threw a party because everyone thought he was dead.

Chris had been lying in the hospital for more than 6 months. He had been in a coma, had a heart artery rupture, but against everyone's expectations, he survived. A few years later, he met my mom and moved in.

Little did my brother and I know that our life would change that much after the divorce, after Chris moved in. Our whole life changed, horrible things have been happening. We have invisible scars upon our bodies that made us the persons who are today.



First and the only chapter of my new story. This time I want to ask you to tell me whether it's a good start or not. I wrote one chapter because I don't want to put all my effort in something that maybe no one is going to like.

Please keep in mind that I'm not a native English speaker and that there will be grammar mistakes. But besides that, I hope you will leave a comment. It would really help me.






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