The Boy Next Door

A poem by Sabitha Kiritharan
About being in love and in a relationship.


1. The Boy Next Door

It all started with a dare,  I acted like I didn't care. I took you out on a romantic date, But now I think about that it seemed like it was fate.  I thought by the end you would have fallen in love with me. But by the end it was me who had literally fallen for you.  The Boy Next Door.    You met my parents and they loved you. Loved you more than me I must admit. You made every day seem brighter for me. Taught me how to love like no other. When I was you you kept me safe. How I wish that I could have kept you safe. Stolen kisses in the rain. I remember our last dance in the rain. The Boy Next Door.   You held my hand promising to never let go. Now your hand isn't in mine because you let go.  As soon as we saw each other,  you used to kiss me even though I didn't always show my approval.  Now I would do anything for one last kiss.  I don't know if I will ever experience the feeling of love again.  But I know that I will never forget you and how you taught me to love.  The Boy Next Door.    It's been decades since I last you full of life.  I myself am nearing the end of my life. Would you even recogonise me now?  We used to talk about growing old together but you left me alone to do that. You never told me you had cancer. If you had wouldn't you have known I would have given my life to make you better.  The Boy Next Door   Now I'm sitting at your grave remembering all the good times we had. As death calls me finally and I finally surrender.  Immense pain floods me but it's gone when I see you again. As soon as our hand touches I feel myself become young again. "I've been waiting for you princess," you say looking as handsome as ever.  "I've sorry it took so long but I finally found you." I say in happiness.  The Boy Next Door  
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