Roots and stars: an adult fable.

A fable for those lost, confused and anxious about the direction of their life and the roles their loved ones and they themselves play within it.


1. A short story.

A grand oak tree stands weakend by the winds of her life, but flanked each side by her acorns now pillaring canopy reachers with saplings of their own.

She remembers the years upon years of nurturing them, protecting them with her shade, nourishing them at the roots and teaching them how to grow tall and reach for their light.

The youngest of her acorns rolls furthest from the tree but not too far, mother is still watching, but without her shade he sways more vigorously in the wind, in new directions. But he strives, he roots he grows, he learns to adapt, all the while learning about himself. 

The youngest acorn that fell furthest from the tree now spreads his roots deep and wide finding his stride.

The Sapling looks up and around to find his place in the world. He yearns to grow as tall and broad as those around him, if life should allow.

But he shares the forest with others, with men and sometimes his bow is bent by these others also clamouring for the top, for his shade, for the nourishment, for him. 

The Sapling doesn't realise how resilient he is, the bends will straighten, his roots will grow deeper and his bow will strengthen with it. Time will make him stronger and the support of the trees around him will solidify his roots. 

He'll meet one tree who above all his roots will become inseparably entangled; they share and nourish each other. Their bond grown so strong that whether push or pull they remain entwined. 

At times the sapling is pulled too far, knocked too hard, trampled by men or has no choice but to fulfil his calling reach for the stars; at times this may loosen his roots but he should never let go.

At times he feels his roots in the ground holding him back from reaching the peak of the canopy, the spread of his foliage, and to feel the light of the stars.

With winds of change in the east and the strength of those blowing in from the north means the sapling at times retracts his roots, unbeknownst to him the potential weakening of his grounding.

And when the winds settle and there is a moment of clarity the sapling may learn that to reach for the stars you must always be grounded with your roots. 

Entanglements may come and go but he must never forget the support and nurturing that came with them. Reach wide, reach high, reach deep, but never forget those entanglements or how to rediscover them.

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