four kids discover they have amazing powers and are brought to a facility to train. They must fight their way to win against Bloods army.


3. The incident

       Once they were all in the training room, they split into groups and fought. Emma and Jason were together trying to fight with elements while Teresa and Oliver fought hand to hand. 

         Teresa tried to punch him in the shoulder but he dodged before she could. He grabbed her arm and twisted it so she couldn't use it. Teresa turned with her other hand and punched him in the face and kicked him in the back making him stumble. She then buckled his legs making him fall on his stomach. She put her foot on his back and cheered " I won!" He got back up on his feet and looked at her astonished. No one he had fought before had beat him. His look of surprise turned into a smile.

        After their fight, they went to watch Emma and Jason. At first Jason turned into a human torch and started throwing fire balls at Emma. She dodged every orange flame that hurtled toward her and with her wind, blew his fire away and forced him away from her. Teresa could see the anger in Jason's eyes as he tried to burn Emma. She used the air around her to create a force field. " Stop, Jason. Stop!" She screamed. He didn't hear her and continued. Finally, Emma had enough and screamed " STOP!!!" Her element tossed Jason to the other side of the room making him hit a wall and slide down. 

        Oliver ran up to Jason and tried to shake him awake. Emma and Teresa followed close behind. They all carried him to the infirmary and set him up on a cot. I turned to look for Emma but she was gone.

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