four kids discover they have amazing powers and are brought to a facility to train. They must fight their way to win against Bloods army.


2. Elements

      "Are you okay?" asked Emma. She was staring at Teresa who was spinning the dagger Oliver got her for her birthday. A complicated design was engraved on the handle along with a small blue diamond. "yeah," Teresa muttered ", Wheres Oliver, I need to speak to him"

     " About what?"

      " About training. I have been here for over a week and have done nothing. Nothing. I want him to fight me"

       " Can't you just fight me?"

      " Sure. If you were slightly taller, had muscles, and knew how to fight"

      " Haha, very funny. He's in the kitchen"

        Teresa walked to the kitchen and found Oliver. He was leaning on the table with his head down. When Teresa came in he turned toward her and smiled. 

        " Can you fight me?" Teresa asked. Oliver gave her a surprised look. He grinned and replied " Sure. With elements or combat?"

         " Combat. You would beat me if we used elements"

         " Maybe. Is Emma and Jason going to join?"

         " Sure. that would be fun. A group fight"

          " Let's go get the others"

             With that they walked side by side to get Emma, the nice one, and Jason, the strong one.



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