Over the World

Suggested: [15+] Tania Swag is just a normal girl that is the opposite of normal. She has a loving but sometimes "yandere" that will do anything to get what he wants. The only bad thing is that, this boyfriend has no idea she's cheating on him. She has a friend that has a crush on her other best friend. Who will she choose to help and stay with? Going around the world looking or the answer through everyone's perspectives. Who does she really love?


2. To Live For - 1

1~ Tania

“Finally! School’s over!” I ran to my locker, grabbed my bag and homework and ran out of school as fast as I could. I hate 9th grade more than anything and I’m only 15.

“Wait, Tania,” I heard someone call out from behind me, “Where are you going off in a such a rush? You aren’t gonna go do something naughty with ‘that guy’ are you?”

I turned around to see the smirking face of Christopher. No one really calls him that though. Everyone just calls him Chris. I sighed after retorting back, “Yeah sure, of course I am, now you tell me why you sound so jealous?”

His smirk faltered for just a sec but he quickly shot back, “Maybe I am jealous,” shooting shivers down my back as he took a step closer.

“Hey Chris, are you tryna make a move on Tania? You know she’s already taken,” I heard another voice say. I stood on my toes so I could get a clear view of who said that. I was only greeted by grinning the face of Matias. Well, I think his name is Matias. Well his full name might be Matias. I’m still not sure because almost everyone calls him Mati. I had only transferred recently to this school and our grade had at least 12 classes in it so it was so hard to remember everything. But I guess it’s still my fault because Mati or Matias is also in my class like Chris but I still don't really know his name. Wow, great memory, me.

Mati moved closer and grabbed Chris by the shoulder, “Come on Chris, everyone knows you just want her for her body, you don’t actually really love her.”

“How would you know?” spat Chris as he pushed Mati’s hand off his shoulder and added, “Don’t touch me!”

“Aww, did little Chrissy just admit that he loves Tania?” cooed Mati, “and oh, you don’t like to be touched do you? But what if it was Tania was the one who was touching you?” grinned Mati as he grabbed my right hand suddenly and moved it closer to Chris’ crotch.

“Shut up Mati-ass,” said Chris as as he moved a step back and walked off fuming.

I also had enough playing around and said, “Mati stop,” as I firmly pulled my hand away, “I have to go and I’m only wasting time. I have someone waiting for me right now.” Mati just winked at me and pranced off to meet his friends who were howling in laughter at something I was incapable to understand at that moment.

I shrugged off the strange feeling that haunted me as I left the school campus. I got on the bus and went off 2 times and had to board 2 more different buses since there was no bus ride that lead me exactly back to my sheltering place. I don’t call places like where I live my home because a home should be a place where you live with a loving family that loves you too. Not a place where you are forced and punished by random people that just happened to bore you into this world. Just because they are your “guardians” doesn’t mean that they are your family. I never call my so called “parents” mom or dad because do they act like one? No they don’t. They don't’ deserve that title. They’re always like, “You should be thankful we gave you life! If we weren’t here, you would have never been born.” And in my head I always think, “Yeah, sure. But what if I never wanted this life in the first place?” I’ve tried to commit suicide before but I always stop myself because i know I’m to scared to finish the task, and that’s why I hate myself for it. At school, I seem just like a regular kid but really, on the inside I’m depressed as hell. When I’m talking to a friend or something like that, I put my fake personality up. As soon as I’m off campus, I go into my daily routine of my emotional swings. First, I wait for my fake attitude to wear off. Then I have a wave of sadness and regret wash over me but that feeling soon fades as anger overcomes me. I have lots of mood swings all the time, sometimes I’m don't care about what’s going on around me and i don't feel any emotions and then I suddenly i'm all sentimental become that kind of vulnerable girl who just doesn't want to let go. I’ve always had anger issues but after meeting “him,” they’ve been plunged deep down into a hole, and I hope they never return. I got off my last station and walked into the community I lived in. It’s called, “Diamond Gardens.” I don’t even know why it’s called that, because everything in the community is pretty much trash.

“Hey Tania! You’re back so early from school today!” I heard a familiar voice say, “Are you that excited just so that you could talk to Xris? Wow, Taylor has challenge”

I scoffed at Ari, one of my oldest childhood friends who is also 15 like me, “Yeah sure, I’m pretty sure you would do the same thing. Look at you, you’re back here even earlier than me!”

She just shrugged and said smirking, “So what? I’m not the one he has feelings for.”

I just sighed, “You’re impossible,” and walked off towards my house which was further down in the community than hers.

Taylor is actually just my boyfriend in real life. Just recently, he went to the hospital because he got into some fight. I guess I was gonna pay him a visit today and that’s what Chris thought I was gonna do but i realized, by the time i got off, Xris would be asleep by now. Okay just so you know, Xris is not a guy I know in real life. You see, I play this game called “Kira Online” on Gamekini. It’s also on Kongregate but it’s easier to use it on Gamekini. So, this game is like Mafia except there are more roles like, Cowboy, Kidnapper, Riot, Tendriculos, Fallen Guardian and even more! It’s extremely fun if you know how to play it correctly. I started playing this game when I was 11 and I stopped playing it for a while. Then one day I got really bored and I suddenly remembered the game, and I started playing it all over again. My past username was actually “JINX” but because I wanted to start all over new, I made a new account and called it, “KARMA.” When I started playing again, of course no one knew who I was. I restarted and I met a lot of new people and soon, I was actually pretty popular and a lot of people in the game knew me. But of course, not everyone liked me, so I had a few haters here and there. I didn’t really care because I always had my closest friends on Kira there to back me up.

Soon after a while, I already had a Kira family. My mom was Scar or Scarlett and my dad was Wyrmsglow or Glow. They were both girls because they were lez not that I had anyone against that. Unlike some people, I was not homophobic. I was adopted and my sis was “Olivia Dawn” or in real life, she was actually Ari, my childhood friend from before. No one calls her “Olivia Dawn” though. Everyone just calls her Olivia, or Oli for short.

Anyways, on this game, you can friend people and then talk to them in lobby. You can also send a dating request to someone and if they accept, you guys are a couple. Anyway, there’s this guy called Xris on Kira. I sent him dating request before when I played as “JINX” just because I thought his character look cool. After a while, I found out that he had some kind of relationship with Olivia. I’m not sure if Olivia had feelings for him or not. It could have just been a friend relationship but how would i know? I wasn’t really familiar with him so when he messaged me, “Is Olivia here?” I didn’t know what to do. He knows that I know Oli in real life and that sometimes she would talk to him over my account when she forgot to bring her on device to go onto Kira for. After that, we just started talking normally as friends. After a while, Olivia started teasing me about it saying that Xris told her that he had a crush on me. I didn’t really believe it at first but after a while, I wanted him to also have a crush on me. I realized that I might have a teeny crush on him too. Even though he was illegally doing things that was not allowed at his age, 16, he did them anyway.

He was depressed like me and at some points, he was also suicidal like me but unlike me, he actually has the balls to pull it off. He would be dead by now if his parents hadn’t stopped him from killing himself. Look at that! His parents might actually love him unlike mine! If i tried to kill myself, the hell anyone would stop me. But I can’t even cut myself without being at least a little damn scared! I admire Xris for what he can do. That’s why, I have a crush on him. And he taught me a new reason for life because finally, after 15 years of searching through my horrible damn life,


“I Have Finally Found Someone Worth Living For.”


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