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Suggested: [15+] Tania Swag is just a normal girl that is the opposite of normal. She has a loving but sometimes "yandere" that will do anything to get what he wants. The only bad thing is that, this boyfriend has no idea she's cheating on him. She has a friend that has a crush on her other best friend. Who will she choose to help and stay with? Going around the world looking or the answer through everyone's perspectives. Who does she really love?


3. To Choose - 2

2~ Tania

I went to school today as usual. It seems that Preese finally got out of the hospital. By the way, Preese is Taylor’s last name. I don’t call him Taylor because there are 2 more Taylors in our class for some random reason. Besides, Taylor is 2 syllables while Preese is only one syllable. As soon as stepped into the classroom, I immediately walked to my chair and sat down, trying to avoid Preese but I know what was coming. As soon as we were excused to go to our next class, he grabbed my hand and pulled us behind the lockers where no one else could see us.

“Where were you yesterday?” he growled, “Someone told me that you went to talk to Xris again! You don’t even know him in real life, you’re my girlfriend okay?” He suddenly leaned forward and kissed me fiercely and his tongue explored my mouth and i just stood there unable to do anything. Tears came down my cheeks just because i felt guilty for some reason and he finally stopped the kiss and hugged me tight as he whispered in my ear, “I love you okay? I only want you to myself. I don't wanna share okay? Just promise me, you’ll visit me next time.”

I nodded and bit my lip as he gave me some space. I collapsed to the ground in tired.

I picked myself up a few minutes later and ran so that I could make to Physical Education in time. Sadly, P.E. lockers and the gym was located all the way on the other side of the campus. To make matters worse, the high school i go to, Castalia School, had the biggest school campus in America. It usually took at least 10 minutes to get from one class to another.

“Tania! Wait!” I turned around to see Chris, catching up with me.

I sighed and said, “What do you want?”

“Is it so wrong to walk to a class with one of your classmates?”

I just shook my head and walked on. “Hey, are you still mad about yesterday? I’m serious, i didn’t mean to say that. Something just.. Came over me.”

I snorted, “Yeah totally. Something just came over you.”

This time he just sighed. We didn’t say anything and just continued that way the whole time we were walking to the gym. Both of us just stayed silent.

But of course, Alex had to come over and ruin our silence. “What’s up Tania Swag? Walking with Chris huh?”

For some reason, Alex hardly ever says my name with just my first name. He usually just says my first  name and my last name. He probably doesn’t wanna say my middle name too because that would take too much muscles for his mouth to say it.

My full name is Tania Nikromiea Swag. Well anyways, “What’s it to you, Alex?”

I only got an immediate response that came so fast, it seemed like he knew what i was gonna say.

“Nothing” he said smiling. Or was that a smirk? I couldn’t really tell. I decided not to stress myself over something like that and i continued on my way. When I finally got to my lockers, I put on my smile and walked into the lockers trying to not bring any attention to myself, but of course, my plan fails. Janett, the most popular girl in our grade, notices me.

“There she is girls! Attack!” she ordered her “minions” as they ran towards me. Janett hates me because she is in “love” with Chris. Not that I even like him, but she thinks of me as a rival. They kicked me and pulled my hair as they clawed me with their little nail polished nails.

After they were done, I was bleeding but I couldn’t really feel anything. Usually, after something like this happens, I just laugh it off. But today is different. I. Am. Done. With. This. I just walked towards her my face looking at the ground. Slowly, I walk towards her. Too bad she couldn't see the smile on my face. Then, “Slap.”

Right across the cheek. Of course, my friends, Sarah and Katelyn and some others gawked at me. With my fake attire, i would be that kind of happy person who never held grudges. But not today. NO. Janett was furious as she ordered them to “attack” again. Unfortunately, I knew some Karate, and defense skills. Soon, they were too scared to even approach me.

I laughed. Again. I was done.

“I’ll tell on you Tania, I’ll get you kicked out of this school!” screamed Janett but I knew she wouldn’t. Because if she did, I could just show the bruises and scratches that I have and it would be pretty obvious. All I did was slap her.

I shrugged her off and walked to my specific locker and took out my P.E. uniform and changed. One of my friends, Sarah, approached me. “H-hey, Tania a-are you okay? You’re not really acting like yourself today…”

She right. I’m not. If I was acting like myself, I would be all depressed and sad. But today, maybe i learned a new personality. Finally. Something Janett was good for. She taught me something...

“Okay students, today, we’ll start our skating lessons!” announces the coach on the megaphone. I don’t see why she needs a megaphone though… She’s already loud enough with it. Our school, Castalia School, is a private school and gives one of the best educations of the planet. That’s why the school is rich enough to afford a skating rink. It takes like, loads of money to get into this school. Luckily, there’s financial aid.

“Put on your jackets that I told you to bring folks!”

Oh. Shit. I forgot my jacket. I know that some people go to the ice rink without jackets and they can just go in with just their regular clothes. But, trust me, if you were wearing one of my school's P.E. uniforms, and you had to go to the ice rink, you would not take one step inside. Our uniforms are insulated to keep the cold inside and they are very, very, very thin. Sadly, whoever made these uniforms did not think about how they should've made it insulated so that it could keep the warmth inside. Janett of course, is the first person to notice that i forgot to bring my jacket. She just smirks at me and starts bragging about how her pink little jacket looks so cute just so that she can make me jealous even though I'm not, and her fans of course, as usual, just agree with her.

The teacher announces surprising news afterwards, “Today, the boys will be joining us while we are skating.” Pretty much all the girls are squealing except me. I’m too cold to even care about what’s going on. All I’m trying to do right now, is warm myself up. Too bad I’m not sick. Because if i were, I could skip P.E. for the day. Fuck my luck. Wow. That Ryhmes. Cool.

I walked onto the rink and started skating along with the rest of the class. Luckily, I’m not like those girls that can’t even set foot on the rink. I can skate, and sometimes, better than others. But not today. Today, I’m the last one on the rink, the last one to finish, the last one in line. I’m still bleeding because of the locker situation when I get off the ice rink. I’m just wondering how my blood isn’t frozen solid by now.

Suddenly, the boys walk in with their skates and jackets. Preese, immediately walks over to me and asks why I don’t have my jacket.

“I forgot that we had ice skating today so I left it at home.”

“Oh… Here take my jacket,” he says as he hands over his blue and gray jacket to me and plants a little kiss on my cheeks.

I blush and say, “Th-thanks.” Woah! What’s going on! I don’t think I’m supposed to blush… Wait. I can’t blush? Blush? Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I think I might drive myself crazy right now so… I’m just gonna move on. It’s just a goddamn jacket and a little peck on the cheek.

I put on the jacket. It’s so… warm. I thank him, still blushing, and move on with the rest of the girls who are heading towards the north of the skate rink. I think I just learned a new personality. Thank you Preese.

After P.E. I as usual, the first one done showering. Today, right after P.E. we have lunch, so I started walking towards the cafeteria, when suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me and saw Alex running up behind me.

“Hey, Tania Swag, why do you have blood all over your face?”

First of all, I do not have blood all over my face, and second of all, why does it have to be him to notice it first?

“I just fell in P.E. I was running but I forgot to tie my shoelaces and i tripped.” It’s true, I hardly ever tie my shoelaces because it hurts to bend all the way down and tie them into a neat little butterfly.

Alex eyed me and wouldn’t give up saying, “Tania Swag, I’m here okay? I’m not gonna laugh. Just tell me what’s going on. Last time I asked you what happened, you said the exact same thing.”

Wait. Did Alexander Kinoshita just say that? I must be hyperventilating. Yeah. That’s it. That’s what’s happening and for some reason, I felt a tear leak out of my eyes. No one’s ever said something like that to me before. Not even Preese. Not even Xris. And i don’t even know what happened next. Alex just saw my crying and he hugged me. We just stayed there hugging for awhile. I didn’t really want to move. I just wanted to stay there…

“Tania. Can you tell me what’s been going on now?” he asked breaking the silence.

I just also realized that Alex said only my first name this time. I nodded and bit my lip to stop my tears from coming out even more. “W-well, Janett hates me b-because she likes Chris,” I hiccupped, “a-and she thinks Chris likes m-me so that’s why s-she hates me so much.”

Alex nodded and added, “Why would anyone like Chris? He just a big ass anyway.”

We made laughed at that, breaking the tension. After that we just started at each other, me in his arms. He pulled me closer, as my heart started beating so loud that I thought people in China would even be able to hear me. I could feel his breath on my cheek as his lips touched mine. It was a gentle kiss, as he moved his tongue slowly, in rhythm with mine. We finally came up for air ending the kiss.

We just stared at each other after that. Who knows how long. But then we heard the cafeteria bell ring and that brought us back to reality. I immediately blushed.

“Wait Tania, don’t tell Preese okay?” he said biting his lip.

I nodded and I walked away as fast as i could and thought, “What did I just do? I just fucking kissed Alex Kinoshita. What is Taylor Preese going to do when he finds out? Damn, I’m dead meat. But it felt so good though. Maybe… No that’s impossible.”

I turned around to see the longing face of Alex, still in the same place i left him. I sighed sadly knowing that it was all my fault. Damn it. Damn it to hell. Why? Why?


“Why Do I Have To Choose?”


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