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Suggested: [15+] Tania Swag is just a normal girl that is the opposite of normal. She has a loving but sometimes "yandere" that will do anything to get what he wants. The only bad thing is that, this boyfriend has no idea she's cheating on him. She has a friend that has a crush on her other best friend. Who will she choose to help and stay with? Going around the world looking or the answer through everyone's perspectives. Who does she really love?


4. To Change - 3


3~ Tania

When I got back to my “sheltering place” I was already done with all my homework. That would mean extra time to talk to Xris. Even luckier, today was a D day, that meant school let out at 1:00 pm instead of 2:00 pm. I arrived at my door and looked into my bag to take out my keys. I opened the door, and quickly ran upstairs to go onto Kira with my laptop. I typed in the url and sat back, waiting for it to load and when it said that it as blocked with openDNS, i knew there would have been only one person who did it. Or two people actually.

“John Swag!” I called his name fuming.

“Yes Tania?” my male guardian asked, pretending to be innocent but I knew better.

“Why did you block every site I actually use?”

Again he acted innocent as if he didn’t know what was going on. “What are you talking about Tania?”

That was it. I’m done with the fucking family. Oh wait. It’s not even a family in the first place. Not anymore. I grabbed my bag, and all my money. Grabbed some towels and tissues, food, pillows, my laptop, and some other supplies.

“What are you doing Tania?” asks my female guardian when she walks in through the door, because she’s done finishing “errands” as if I don’t know what she’s actually doing. I just grunt at her and continue packing. I finally finished, grabbed my home keys for emergencies, and walked out the door. I knew the first place to head. Alex’s house. I arrived there about 10 minutes after. Luckily, Alex’s house isn’t that far away and luckily, I know where is house is because i went there before to work on a science project he and I had been assigned to. Wow. I feel lucky today. Maybe.

When I got there it was 7:49 pm. Good thing i brought some extra clothes because it was pouring outside and I was soaking wet.

I knocked on the door of his house and heard someone from inside say, “I’m coming! Who is it?” The door opened to show the smiling face of a lady, most likely in her late 40s. As soon as she saw me, her smile dropped, “Oh dear, who are you?” I shivered as my teeth chattered from the cold.

“Oh right where are my manners, it’s cold outside, why don’t you come join us for dinner?” I nodded appreciatively as she let me in. “Here sweetie, why don’t you go take a warm shower and I’ll go set out the table okay?”

“Thank you so much Mrs. Kinoshita.”

I like this lady. She isn’t like my female guardian, Joyce Swag. She seems very kind, and she knows her manners too.

When I said that, her smile dropped a bit, “It’s Ms. Kinoshita.”

I nodded and walked away. Did Alex’s dad die or something? I quickly turned on the bathtub and turned on the hot water. I was still soaking from the rain so I peeled my clothes off. I put one leg into the water to test the temperature. I guess it was fine so I went into the bathtub. I relaxed and decided to not think about anything at the moment.

I finally finished and decided I was warm enough and I started putting on my clothes. I was already finished with putting my bra and shirt on. I was just putting on my last garment, my black leggings, when suddenly the door opened and there stood Alex with a surprised look, that may have been even more surprised than mines but I wasn’t really sure. Also, the door being opened so abruptly made me slip on the water from my soaking clothes that were still wet despite it being over the heater. I landed on my butt with my pants still only halfway on.

Alex blushed and managed to stutter out, “Woah. A-are you okay?” I walked towards me and lent out a hand and covered his eyes at the same time.

I blushed even harder than him as I stood up and realized he was staring at my panties that were showing after he uncovered his eyes. He then realized that I knew he was staring at my panities and immediately straightened up. “I, um, didn’t see anything i swear. Um, only some panties. Gray panties.”

I just shook my head and pushed him playfully after pulling my pants up the rest of the way and accepted his apology. I knew it wasn’t his fault because I was the one who barged into his house.

“Well anyway, Tania Swag, what exactly are you doing at my house?”

“Look, we’ll talk this over at the dinner table. But not right now because I still have to unpack.”

Alex only stared at me more confused, “Unpack? Wait, are you gonna live at my house?”

I nodded and added, “Yes genius. But only temporary. I don’t want to bother you guys because it would be wrong to just live at someone else’s house for that long.”

After a while, Alex, Ms. Kinoshita, and I were sitting on the dinner table eating delicious spaghetti that tasted better than anything I have ever tasted before. After I finished eating, i told them about why I was there. They listened to me and did not interrupt. After I finished, they agreed that I could stay as long as I wanted.

“Where’s your dad though?” I asked Alex.

“Oh he’s on a business trip,” Alex said nonchalantly, “Where are you going to sleep though?”  said Alex quickly changing the subject. “I know! You can sleep in my room, I’ll just sleep on the sofa downstairs.”

“Oh no, this is your house. It’s okay, I’ll just sleep downstairs on the sofa.”

Alex seemed stressed out about it and kept pestering me if I wanted to change my mind. I told him for the 10th time, “No, it’s okay. I can sleep on the sofa,” and finally he gave up and went to the restroom so he could brush his teeth. I decided to follow him to do the same since I needed to brush my teeth too.

After we finished, we played some poker and watched TV. We finally got bored so we decided to just go to sleep. I went to the sofa and crawled under the sheets.

It was really cold. I don’t even know why. I even had a nightmare. It was about me dying slowly and watching everything I loved disappear. Alex eventually woke me up because he heard my crying.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked.

I just kept crying. I don’t even know why. The nightmare’s over. Stop crying! But I didn’t. Maybe I was just tired from storing up all my tears throughout these years.

Alex carried me upstairs to his room. He brought me under the sheets with him and I didn’t protest. It was a lot warmer.

He wrapped his hands around me and whispered, “Good night Tania Swag. There’s nothing to be scared of now.”

I woke up in the morning at about 9:37 am. Alex was already gone, probably at school. I walked downstairs and cooked myself some breakfast. I thought about yesterday night. I didn’t even realize it but the whole time I was thinking, I was holding one of those big kitchen knives.

I don’t even remember how it got there. It must’ve been muscle reflexes from doing that a lot. That was bad.

I put the knife back onto the counter and walked off. From that day on, I decided,


“I Am Going To Change.”


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