Over the World

Suggested: [15+] Tania Swag is just a normal girl that is the opposite of normal. She has a loving but sometimes "yandere" that will do anything to get what he wants. The only bad thing is that, this boyfriend has no idea she's cheating on him. She has a friend that has a crush on her other best friend. Who will she choose to help and stay with? Going around the world looking or the answer through everyone's perspectives. Who does she really love?


1. Prologue


KARMA: hiii

Xris: hi ^^

KARMA: You seem happy today ^^

Xris: meh

KARMA: lol xD

KARMA: what are you doing rn?

Xris: Watching youtube and talking to you


Xris: I’ve been wanting to break up with Yoona on Kira for a while now

KARMA: What brought that up? xD

Xris: idk

KARMA: Lol. anyways, I just broke up with grim so yeah xD

Xris: I’ve been wanting to break up with her since day 20

KARMA: I usually don’t date anyone longer than 3 days

Xris: Wow lel

KARMA: I hope he doesn’t get mad at me for breaking up with him on Kira

KARMA: At least it’s not in real life, it’s just a virtual game

Xris: it can still hurt though. A lot

KARMA: true...

Xris: I was gonna stay with her but that was until i got with my real crush

KARMA: who?

Xris: then my crush left me


Xris: but then i got a new crush

KARMA: oh xD

Xris: I realized it 2 days ago

KARMA: lol

KARMA: Is it someone i know?

Xris: Yes

KARMA: can i guess?

Xris: try

KARMA: hrmm

KARMA: is it olivia?

Xris: no

KARMA: dang xD

Xris: it’s someone you know very closely


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