Dark Side of the Rose

Just read to find out. I don't even know if I have to change the rating. I mean how am I supposed to explain this. Oh well. So don't steal and all that, but I will try to update this better than my last stories. Favorite, like, comment, whatever. Bye bye.


1. Chapter 1



    Have you ever felt so alone? That you just sit in your room doing nothing. Holding your breath waiting for the right time to let it go. Well, that's what I'm doing right now. I want to breath and let it all out, but I know that if I did that. I would be hurting myself more than I ever did before.


    I looked out my window as it rained. For some reason it always calmed me, but told me not to think too much. I mean it's good to think, but don't go into deep, that you lose your self. I watched as the droplets rolled down my window into oblivion. How lucky, never having a care in the world. And then just disappearing.


    I decided not to torture myself and go downstairs to get some food. As I walked down my footsteps echoed along the way and threw the house. When I reached the last step I looked around to make sure everything was exactly in place like I left it. I decided it was good enough and went to the fridge for carrots. They were probably the brightest thing in my house as everything was in between middle grays and black. 


    I went back upstairs and sat at my laptop. As I opened it though a noise sounded and I jumped.  It was from downstairs and I'm pretty sure I don't have any pets. I walked to my window and opened it. I wasn't going to go downstairs, I've seen scary movies. I threw on my vans before jumping out of the window with my bag. 


    I started to walk down to our local cafe, the Patty Latte. As I walked in Patty the manager looked at me. I smiled and sat down, "Hey Patty." 


    "What are you doing here, sweety pie?" She asked me in her southern accent. I didn't know if I should tell her or not. I decided I would.


    "Well, I heard a noise and decided to jump out my window and come here before school." I gave a small, scared smile. She just shook her head and gave a little laugh, but handed me an Iced Caramel Latte, she had been making during our conversion. "Thanks," I said.


    "No problem Rosie." She walked away to go wait on someone else. I got my laptop out and went to Aries to check my grades. All A+'s, that's good. I decided to start working on my history project for class, which was due on friday, so 3 days left. 


     I looked at the time and realised I had to leave. "Bye Patty," I called out to her. She just nodded her head at me as I walked through the door. When I got to school I was late. I headed to the office and got a slip to be excused. As I walked into the classroom Mrs.Phillips looked up at me with a disapproving look, "Your late Ms.Adqui." 

   "I'm sorry Mrs.Phillips, but I have an accused office note." I smiled and handed her the note. 


    "Very well, go take a seat." She gestured towards the desks. I looked and saw the only empty one by Zack. I walked up to him and asked for his bag to be removed from the seat. He took his bag and just looked at me until I sat down. 


    As the day dragged on, I found myself looking at Zack the whole time. I never realised we had all the same classes. But everyday comes to an end and you have to go home.


    When I got home, I braced myself for what I could possibly see. And what I saw is something I never expected to see. It was my Mom.


     Why is she surprised to see her mom? Does she want to see her mom or not? Why did she jump out of her window in the first place? What is going on? You'll find out, or you can tell me your answers in the comment section, or ask me your own questions. 

    So...What do you think so far? I think that was pretty good for the first chapter and how I have been keeping it all a mystery. If you don't like this then you should leave or not, I don't care. That was 635 words, my mind is blown that I could even write that much. So please don't just tell me to update, give some feedback even if it is mean. Because when people tell me to update, I never really get to it because I feel pressured, that's why my other writing stuff gets published often or because I have more time then I have for this. Sorry, bye. 

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