Regeneration Chronicle

Regeneration - An ability that can not attack, defend, nor support others. The rise of a weakest undying monster to strongest being ever recorded.


1. Chapter 1: Undying Chronicle

"Find that child! A person who catches him will get rewarded by the king himself!" someone shouted

As soon as that someone shouted, a group of adults came running toward me. Why was this happening? It was solely because of my inborn ability, Regeneration.

"Agh," I was shot by an arrow. Normally, when a person is pierced by an object, they would keep it to minimize blood loss. However, for me, I just had to take it out and there won't be a single milliliter of blood from the wound, instead, it would be already healed.

"Go corner him!" group of soldiers blocked the way to the main hall of the town, attempting to keep me accompany in the alleys.

"What is so important about him, sir?" a soldier asked while running to catch me.

"You don't know? He is an immortal, he can't die from any disease or most fatal wounds. His majesty wants to know secret behind that ability to rule the country for eternity," the senior soldier replied. 

In Year 737 of Storic Calendar, I was sentenced to eternal imprisonment by the officials sent by the king himself. This world has nearly every fantasy material imaginable, different races, magics, and knights, but humans were still unable to break through the barrier of immortality and no one was able to succeed on increasing lifespan yet. However, my existence was first ever existing case of undying immortal. King of the Storic naturally desired that ability and sent guards to catch me. I resisted but couldn't escape, and I am currently in process of being shipped to the royal palace. 

Story that has been told for next centuries and beyond, the story of undying monster, Regeneration Chronicle. 

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