Jenna's twenty years old and seems to have hit a dead end before anything's even begun for her. Luke's seven years older and still in the same boat - despite their differences, perhaps they both have some answers to each other's problems.


2. 1

A year goes by and nothing. Every job I get is a six week contract that never gets renewed because they ‘just don’t think it’s the right job for me’. I even get fired from singing at the cafe because people got bored of me. That one stung.


So it’s the night before I start my apprenticeship at my dad’s work and I am the moodiest bitch on the planet.


“I don’t even know what I’m meant to do there. You haven’t told me what I’m going to be doing.” I say at dinner. My mom’s keeping her eyes on her plate, taking polite sips of water and trying not to get involved. My dad sighs, his favourite thing to do over this past year.


“I have told you. You’ll be a general assistant at the office.”


“Helpful, Dad.”


“Yes, I hope you will be Jenna.” he takes a long drink of water before looking at me. “You’ll be collecting printing. Photocopying. Making coffee. Booking appointments.”


“Fulfilling.” I poke at my food with my fork.


“Yes because we are all fully aware of how your life sleeping for the past two years has been amazingly fulfilling.” he says calmly and I roll my eyes. I know that I’m only so annoyed and he’s only so calm because he’s right and we both know it. I know I should be thankful for this opportunity, I’m just a little embarrassed of what my life is at twenty years old. But I won’t admit that.


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