Her husband will know sooner because he comes in to my room every night after work and i can still smell the liquor on his breath when he gets on me but by the time he comes I've passed out. Which is a perfect time to jump me because i can't get away.. You're probably asking "why don't you lock your door?" i used to but he got mad and took the lock away. "why haven't i called the cops on him?" I've tried but he's rich so he just pays them to go away and to not come back. Anything you thought of i have to and it didn't work.


1. note


this story is not real and may be triggering  if you have questions inbox me. i also have another book called 'do you accept me?' go read it on wattpad!!! have others read my books to please thank you the next page will start the book 



this is my second story and will be slow updates please let me know if you like it 

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