A man named chase is sucked back in time for reasons he is to find out. So come fallow the 20 year old trying to get back home.


1. Day one

 I wake to a rustling in the leaves beside me. I roll over to my right to find I am no longer in my cozy bed but on the grimy, muddy ground. I jump to my feet quickly and look around the grey sky surrounded by trees and filled with a light breeze. To my left are electric wires on the ground, and the remaining pieces of what looks like it was a small cottage. To my right I see a path passing north and south as I look down the hill I see south is a lake and to the north the path leads to a small bridge. I think for a split second then take a breath and go North.


I begin travailing and realize I am in my black work shoes and a flannel, but those thoughts quickly leave my mind when I glace up at the path that has turned into a cobblestone road leading up to a small village but I can not see beyond the first few houses because of the elevation. Before I know it I am running up the hill for no reason other than the need for something. I reach the towering wood gates to the walled in village, the men manning the bridge notice I am out of sorts and open the gates. As they do I see an elevating hill and houses built on either side of the gravel road, the roads lead to a central area like a town square. This is full of stands where villagers are selling veggie tables, fruits, and bread along with an assortment of other foods. 

I am then approached abruptly by a rather large man. Who tells me that I am in a small community called Tikal. He said he had lived there his whole life and has never seen beyond the gates. He informed me that the center of the town is the castle where count Arthur and his family live in paradise. After telling me about the community he offers to serve me dinner, I don't think he had to ask twice I was famished.  After a polite dinner of baked potatoes and some meat I am offered a bed where I sleep in peace. 





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