Galaxy hair saved me

Jackie just moved to this small school in Australia and she was not welcome nicely. the queen bitch Morgan is already threatening her. At home she gets treated terribly, but Galaxy hair comes to the rescue. Michael Clifford saved me from falling.


4. Home

The guys and I hung out at calums house for a while, we ate pizza and played FIFA. It is now 6pm and im curently walking home. Michael offered to drive me home,but if my parents see me get out of a car and they don't know who the person is I'm in a lot of trouble. it turns out that calum  only lives 6 houses down from me, which is cool. So i'm now walking in though the front door.

" JACKIE MARIE!!!!!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?????"  My mother screamed from the other room and is now standing in front of me with my dad.

" i went to the library after school to study, i have a lot of make up work to do." i say as i try to walk passed them but my dad punched me in the ribs. i instantly cried in pain and fell to the floor holding my ribs. 

" next time you come straight home after school or call your mother or i before you stay after. You got me?!  my father yelled. i was in to much pain to answer so i stayed quiet. my father began to kick me and then punched me a few times in the face.

" ANSWER ME!!!!!!" 

" ss....sir.." i said through the pain. lucky me my parents walked away and then i heared " go to your room, and don't come out until school tomorrow morning!" my mom yelled. Great another day with out eating dinner, like usual.  I slowly got up off the ground and made my way upstairs to my room. even though it took me about five minutes. when i got to my room i layed on my bed until i hear my phone ring. My phone NEVER rings, i pulled it out of my pocket and to see that the guys put there number in my phone because Ashton was calling me. i decided to answer it. 

"Hello?" i said trying to hid my pain,  but failed

" Jackie whats wrong?" Ashton asked curious

" Nothing, so whats up?" i ask trying to hid the truth

" Oh alright, well the guys and I are going to the Beach this weekend and we were wondering if you would go with us."  Great when i finally make friends i get beat up so i will be wearing jeans and longsleeve shirts for the next few weeks. i cnat go to the beach and have them see me like this.

" hmm i would love to, but my parents are making me stay home because they want to do some family bonding or something like that." i said casually so he doesn't suspect something off.

" oh alright thats fine because the guys and i are going to the beach the following weekend to because my parents are making me stay at the beach house i i invited the guys." once again he is now giving up.

" Yeah that sounds like fun." i said

" okay cool, see you tomorrow at school." he said before hanging up. 

Great what am i going to do about these bruises  

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