Galaxy hair saved me

Jackie just moved to this small school in Australia and she was not welcome nicely. the queen bitch Morgan is already threatening her. At home she gets treated terribly, but Galaxy hair comes to the rescue. Michael Clifford saved me from falling.


2. first period

​I walked into the classroom and there was a lot of people in here. i walked up to the teacher and handed him my paper work i was given to give to all of my teachers.

" Hi I'm Jackie and I just moved here." I said looking at him.

" Hi Jackie I'm Mr. Waffle. Class this is Jackie and she's new, so cut her some slack. Go find an empty seat." Mr. Waffle says as he gets up from his desk and moved over to the board and wrote todays date on it. 

I found a seat in the far right corner in the back. I set my things down and grabbed a note book and a pen and just waited. The bell rang as four guys came through the door. 

" Nice for you guys to join us." The teacher said looking at the guys. Then I realize the only other seats open were right next to me. 

" not really." the guy with black ripped jeans and a nirvana shirt on said. The guys walked over to me and sat in the last seats. 

"We don't know you and why are you sitting over here?" the same guy said.

" well there was no other seats and I'm Jackie." I said as I began to doodle on my notebook.   

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