Galaxy hair saved me

Jackie just moved to this small school in Australia and she was not welcome nicely. the queen bitch Morgan is already threatening her. At home she gets treated terribly, but Galaxy hair comes to the rescue. Michael Clifford saved me from falling.


1. First day

​I walked into my new school. It was your average small school, with people separated into there own groups.

I was walking around when someone bumps into me, I instantly look to see who it was. I'm was a girl about 5'3 ( same as me), she had long straight blond hair, and was wearing a really short pink skirt, and a white shirt, with a pink leather jacket. I looked up at her and said " I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention."

" Well look at his girls the new girl thinks she can talk to me." she said as the girls next to her laughed " I'm going to tell you how this school goes. you can't mess with me or my friends, anything I say goes, now go away before you ruin my reputation." she said before walking away. 

I can already tell this was going to one long year.


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