Galaxy hair saved me

Jackie just moved to this small school in Australia and she was not welcome nicely. the queen bitch Morgan is already threatening her. At home she gets treated terribly, but Galaxy hair comes to the rescue. Michael Clifford saved me from falling.


3. during class

the guys stared at me like I was stupid.

" Why are you staring at me?" i asked looking at the one with dyed galaxy hair. 

" you're pretty." they all said at the same time as three of them turned around in there seats to see what the teacher was doing.   the only one that was still looking at me was the one with died hair. 

" meet me outside the front doors at the end of the day." he said before turning around in his seat and leaving me alone for the rest of the class.


At the end of the day 

i went to my locker, grabbed my bag and home work. i turned around to see the same mean girl from this morning. i found out her name was Morgan. 

" you need to leave my boyfriend alone."

" who's your boyfriend?" i asked kinda hoping it wasn't Galaxy hair. Yes that's his nickname i gave him because i don't know his real name, i only knew Luke because he is my lab partner. 

"Luke is my boyfriend so leave him alone or i will be out to get you. don't forget i run this school" She said and walked away. 

I felt kinda of relieve that it was not  Galaxy hair that was her boyfriend because even though I've only known him for a few hours, i already have feelings for him.  

I made my way to the front doors still a little shocked that Luke is dating that bitch, also even though my life at home is terrible, i'm still scared of her. Oh that's right you don't know. when i'm home my mom and dad verbally abuses me. Which lead me to cut. that's why i always wear sleeves or i take a bandanna and cover them. metal bracelets bug me so i don't wear them. today i'm wearing ripped black pants with a green day shirt so i'm wearing some bandannas on my wrists. 

I was pulled out of my thoughts when i heared the guys call my name. i turned to see the four guys coming down the hallway. That's when i noticed all the guys have black ripped jeans and either a nirvana shirt or a green day shirt on, but i noticed the Asian one had a Blink-182 shirt on.

" Hey Jackie, how was your first day?" Luke said as they were right next to me. 

" It was fine i guess." i said as we all stood there in a circle. " but it would be better if i knew all your names." i said as i smiled to the sidewalk, not wanting them to see. 

" awww she has cute smile. shes definitely a keeper." the one said with a bandanna on around his head.

" Don't mind Ashton, I'm Michael by the way, but call me mikey everyone does." galaxy hair said. Wow a pretty name for a pretty face. 

" I'm Calum, call me Cal, and no i'm not Asian." the one that looked Asian said. 

" well i'm Ashton, but call me Ash. " 

" Cool." i said looking around us hoping we go do something because i really don't want to go home. It scares me what my parents will say when i get home because school ended about twenty minutes ago, and i should have been home by now because it a five minute walk from the school

" Hey whats wrong Jackie it looks like your scared. Why are you scared? we are not going to hurt you." Mikey said looking at me. Dang he noticed, time to lie, like i always do.

" nothing, i'm fine." i said looking down at the ground once again. it's a habit i have, like when i get nervous i play with my fingers. 

" Are you sure?" Ashton said looking from me to his mates. 

" yeah, i'm fine, don't worry about it." i said as i began to do random things with my fingers, because i really don't want them to know and leave me like everyone else did. 


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