Color Full

In a world where color cannot be seen until one makes eye contact with their soulmate, Joey Graceffa dyes his hair different colors, even though he cannot see them. He trusts his hairdresser who has found their soulmate, to choose the color. He hopes when he meets his soulmate they like his hair.
Daniel Preda likes his hair.
Kinda inspired by @YaPrtyMuch 's story The Stripe


36. Shopping

Prom is coming up.

Joey, Daniel, Dan, Phil, Caspar, Tyler, and Troye are all shopping together. 

"What do you think?"

Joey flaunts out of the changing room wearing a gold tuxedo jacket. 

Daniel gasps in adoration.

"Cuuuuutttteeee! You're going to look so gorgeous, love."

"Not as gorgeous as you," Joey says blushing, to which Daniel replies with, "Nonsense." 

He cups Joey's face in his hands and kisses him. 

"Get a room!" Tyler calls from the benches.

Joey and Daniel giggle.

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