Color Full

In a world where color cannot be seen until one makes eye contact with their soulmate, Joey Graceffa dyes his hair different colors, even though he cannot see them. He trusts his hairdresser who has found their soulmate, to choose the color. He hopes when he meets his soulmate they like his hair.
Daniel Preda likes his hair.
Kinda inspired by @YaPrtyMuch 's story The Stripe


21. Names

Joey and Daniel walk into the lunch room.

Tyler, Troye, Dan, and Casper, all look up at them in astonishment.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Daniel Preda... My soulmate."

Tyler squeals, clapping his hand together. Troye smiled delightedly. Casper's jaw drops and so does Dan's. 

"And you said there was no hope wishing that the new kid would be your soulmate!" Tyler reminds him.

Joey laughs, taking in the color of his friends. Troye's eyes are a very calming bright color. Tyler called them blue. Who else has blue eyes? He has lighter shades. Dan's eyes are the color of Daniel's hair. What did Dodie call them again? Brown. 

"Hi, Daniel, we have the same name!" Dan greets him. 

Daniel sits down beside Dan and they immediately begin talking.

Troye is removing something from his bag.

He hands it to Joey.

It's a piece of paper with many different colored dots on it. A name of each color is written below each dot.

"Here's a dictionary. I figured you'd need it at some point." 

Joey takes it with a smile.

"Thank you."

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