Color Full

In a world where color cannot be seen until one makes eye contact with their soulmate, Joey Graceffa dyes his hair different colors, even though he cannot see them. He trusts his hairdresser who has found their soulmate, to choose the color. He hopes when he meets his soulmate they like his hair.
Daniel Preda likes his hair.
Kinda inspired by @YaPrtyMuch 's story The Stripe


38. Help

Joey hasn't been acting the same.

He is sadder.

His eyes look less colorful.

Daniel wants to help him.

"Joey," He says one day at school.

"Hm?" Joey replies, not really paying attention. 

He never seems to be able to focus anymore.

"I got you an appointment with a doctor."

Joey looked up at Daniel in bewilderment.


"Because you're not being the Joey I know and I want to help you."

Joey bit his lips and Daniel pulled him into a hug.

"Thank you."



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