Lola and her friends at school with the meanest 9th grader in school Justin Bieber he has always picked on her and her friends

So she moves schools and Justin follows them and Lola with her sister and her friends sister they meet Justin's brother

Jeremy Bieber he bully's Lola's baby sister Layla now its 8 against 8 read to find out more


8. trying to stay home

Mom I think I'm sick

Your still going to school and don't call from school asking to come home

What'd your mom say

Don't call from school asking to come home

Their lockers had sighs that said "this is the start of the worst week ever"

We were at lunch but instead of throwing horrible tasting food at us he spilled milk in front of us I broke my leg and arm all be cause of stupid Justin

U had to wear a cast and a sling and had to stay in a wheelchair for 3 weeks

My sister broke her arm

Amy broke her leg

Jenny got 3 scars 1 on her face and 2 on her her neck

Brook (Judy's little sister) broke her foot

Lucy (Jenny's little sister) sprained her ankle

Nicky (Amy's little sister) hurt her wrist

Did you see a note that's says "this will be the worst day of your life"

3 weeks later

Great just great

Their ruining our life's

We know

I think I know why he bully's us


He hates girls

How do you know

I went to school with him so did layla

Shorthand junior high

The only flaw was I went to school with Justin and his friends so did Layla

How do you think we got these scars on our forehead

I don't see it

We lifted up our bangs and showed our scars with stitches

Woah you have stitches

We know they were bleeding so bad we to get stitches to stop the bleeding

Justin and his friends laughed and laughed so we got hairstyles with bangs to hide our stitches

It s a good thing we did or he would still be laughing at us

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