Lola and her friends at school with the meanest 9th grader in school Justin Bieber he has always picked on her and her friends

So she moves schools and Justin follows them and Lola with her sister and her friends sister they meet Justin's brother

Jeremy Bieber he bully's Lola's baby sister Layla now its 8 against 8 read to find out more


7. lunch time

We were about to sit down but then scooter threw a meatball with extra sauce at me

Good thing it's meatball Monday

Who did that

We don't know

They all threw meatballs with extra sauce at us

Some sauce got in my mouth I thought this meatballs were supposed to be good

Are they

No their horrible

Great their pelting the 8 of us with terrible tasting meat balls

Ew Lola your right these meatballs are horrible

Told you

Ew they smell like garbage

They got the meatballs out of the garbage cans

Oh great we all smell like garbage

He I got an idea


Let's all fake sick to stay home

Great idea

Good thing we all got garden salads



They all started Throwing

Ranch dressing at us

Great we smell like garbage and ranch dressing

They all went homes to take showers

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