Lola and her friends at school with the meanest 9th grader in school Justin Bieber he has always picked on her and her friends

So she moves schools and Justin follows them and Lola with her sister and her friends sister they meet Justin's brother

Jeremy Bieber he bully's Lola's baby sister Layla now its 8 against 8 read to find out more


3. He is out of detention

He's out of detention

Oh great

I hate him

I think he heard us

Yeah he did

Him and his friends were looking at us dead in the eyes

Runnnnn for your life's

On it

He chased us we hid in our lockers which was a stupid idea

They ran past the lockers

We opened our lockers quietly

we ran as fast as we could to the bathroom and hid in the stalls

He found us

Then gave us all black eyes

It hurt

He was unstoppable

We know

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