Lola and her friends at school with the meanest 9th grader in school Justin Bieber he has always picked on her and her friends

So she moves schools and Justin follows them and Lola with her sister and her friends sister they meet Justin's brother

Jeremy Bieber he bully's Lola's baby sister Layla now its 8 against 8 read to find out more


4. Changing schools

Me and my friends moved schools so we wouldn't get bullied anymore

But Justin found out what school we were moving too

So him and his friends moved to that school

We went to this school so I can visit my baby sister she was 15 and in the 9th grade I was 16 and in the 9th grade

Worse of all Justin had a brother who went hear

Jeremy Bieber

And he bullied my sister and her Friends



Why'd you move schools

I was being picked on by a boy


Justin Bieber

I'm getting picked on by his brother Jeremy

Oh great

Worst him and his friends followed us here

Great another Bieber



Justin and Jeremy and there friends

Great it's 8 against 8

Here they come

Runnnnnn if you want to live

On it

We ran the 8 of us hid in the corner

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