Lola and her friends at school with the meanest 9th grader in school Justin Bieber he has always picked on her and her friends

So she moves schools and Justin follows them and Lola with her sister and her friends sister they meet Justin's brother

Jeremy Bieber he bully's Lola's baby sister Layla now its 8 against 8 read to find out more


1. I'm looking at danger

Justin Bieber is the scariest boy in the 9th grade

He looked at me and my friends Jenny, Judy, and Amy

He stared at us dead in the eye

He had a scary look in his eyes

He's eyes were a dark shade of red and orange 1 eye was red 1 eye was orange

I tried to walk up to him even though I was totally terrified

But my friends pulled me back

Justin chased us

We hid in the corner we all got scared

Were are they said Justin

He has friends Scooter,Ryan,and Jaxson

Come on bell rinnng Jenny said

Shhhhhhhhhhh "Me Amy and Judy" said

The bell rung

Finally "said Jenny"

We ran as fast as we could

Unfortunately he had the next class with us

He was always picking on me and my friends we didn't know why


him and his friend threw spit balls through straws one for each of us

Worse they spit it in our hair

After that they all spit their gum in our hair instead of the trash can

Now our hair was ruined

After class me and my friends were looking at a poster they put kick me sighs on each of our backs and people were kicking us all day we didn't know why



There's a "kick me" on your back

Omg we all had kick me sighs on our backs

I wonder who put it their

You who it was


Justin Bieber


We were getting kicked all day

Well it sure hurt

I know really bad

I know Jenny

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