breath in the air

I could feel eyes glued on me and little children saying: Why does that girl have a dog in the shopping centre? I smiled and shrugged because this was my every day life.


3. Chapter 3

The hazy air kissed my skin as i stepped outside into the front lawn. I could feel the wind whip my hair behind me and i took a breath in, enjoying the lush smell of the roses swaying in the wind. To my surprise, Lucy wasn't with me. I took a shaky step forward and began to walk freely around making sure i didn't stumble across anything. It felt different that Lucy wasn't with me, and it felt good to walk by myself. This is what it was probably like for people who could see. A gush of warm wind painted my face going into my eyes. My eyes fluttered open and I gasped. Confusion and delight swarmed in my head as i looked around. I could see the most beautiful things my mind couldn't even think of. I laughed and danced around, it was the best feeling i ever had. To be able to see...


I jostled awake, my heart thundering in my ears. From the most happiness moment of my life, it turned into the  saddest. The same usual darkness glared at me and i slumped my shoulders and lay in my bed for a while thinking how good it would be to see. Heels on marble floor neared my room and i jolted up knowing it was Anna. 

"Ruby? Are you awake?" Anna asked in a sweet tone.

"Yeah i'm putting on my clothes now" 

"Do you need any help?"

"no that's alright, I think i'm fine"

I heard some clattering of pots and pans being taken out of their wardrobe and placed on top a stove. Then some sweet humming began. 

"i'm making pancakes, you want some?" Anna asked.

"Don't need to ask" i replied back. 

I got dressed into my comfy clothes and fuzzy socks which took me for ages, feeling every clothing in my wardrobe. I finally placed my dark shades on. 

"Lucy!" i called. 

I heard claws scrape the floor and Lucy sniffed my knees and beckoned for me to grab her. I held the leash firmly in my hands and walked out of my bedroom.

Maple syrup and butter filled up my nose and i breathed it all in and gave it a sigh. I've been dying for this smell for ages. I guess Lucy was thinking the same as me. I took a seat at the table and gave Lucy a gentle pat and folded my hands in my lap. 

"So, your doctor wants to do an eye check on you and i booked an appointment at 10:00 am. How does that sound?" Anna asked and i heard some cracks and fizzes from the pan. 

"Yeah that's fine." 

Silence began to happen and i thought of my dream. So many questions were bursting to come out from me. 



"What do tree's look like?' 

A long pause settled between us and the fizzing became louder. 

"Well... there big, and such wonderful majestic things. Most humans forget how important they are to us. Their leaves that sway in the wind and beautiful strong trunks that hold it's thin twigs." 

An awkward image appeared in my head but I managed to turn it beautiful. 

I smiled and sensed that she was smiling as well.


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